Abundance and Venus

Venus is the lord of Wealth. Venus is Abundance. Venus is Luxury. Venus is Comforts. Venus is Happiness. Venus is Love. Venus is Romance. Venus is Glamour. Venus is Beauty . Venus resides in the attractive eyes of a beautiful Girl. Venus is the harmony in life. Venus is the eternal peace in the heart.

Venus resides in the idol of Shri Krishna, in the big portrait of Shri Nathji, in the idol of Bhagvan Swaminarayan and in the idol of Shri Parshvanath. Venus is fond of छप्पनभोग’. Wherever there is an abundance, Venus is there.

Venus is sensual pleasure so likes opposit sex. Venus has ambitions and aspirations so Venus is always a dreamer.

Venus is fond of pets. Venus loves cool temperature so Venus is fond of AC and he likes to live in western countries where temperature is very very low. Venus likes tasty delicious dishes.

If Venus is strong in the chart, you are lucky to get everything in life. Venus likes Garden so you will have a bunglow with garden. If not bunglow then sure a luxurious flat with flowers and plants in your gallary. Venus likes costly cars of white colour so Venus has a craze for latest white cars and would like to change it in a year or two. Venus likes designer clothes and perfumes. Venus likes Diamonds and Jewellery. Venus visits big Glamorous Jewellery Showrooms.

Now what is the meaning of powerful Venus ? Just Taurus, Libra or exalted Venus in main chart is not enough to enjoy the fruits. Of course such Venus can bestow luxury and comforts in life but it will be for a certain span of life and with limitations.

I have studied the charts of rich people like Amitabh Bachchan, Mukesh Ambani, Akash Ambani, Neeta Ambani, Salman khan, Gautam Adani, Mehul choksi, Nirav Modi, Bill Gates and like… and seen strong Venus in Kendra or Trikona with Mars or in aspect of Mars or Venus in 12th. All of them has strong Venus in Taurus or Gemini navamsha.

Of course, Venus must be in benefic aspects and in no way in ‘Papa kartari’ yoga. Venus likes 12th house the most.

Let us understand 12th house. 12th house is the unknown remote place where no family disturbance or known people. 12th house may be a garden. 12th house may be a hotel bedroom. 12th house may be a theatre. 12th house may be a tourist spot. 12th house may be a pub. Venus likes these places connected with 12th house.

12th house is a hidden treasure house. 12th house is a black money house. 12th house is उपभोग house. 2nd lord if strongly placed in 12th house gives ample money to enjoy. Rahu if in 12th from Moon gives too much wealth some time if chart is strong. Venus likes this house very much.

So in short Venus must be with Mars or with exalted Saturn or with strong Rahu to be rich and wealthy. Venus if joins Rahu in 12th house, dreams has no limit. Venus in 12th with Rahu makes one ambitious and he achieves what he dreams.

To settle abroad and to be happy there, Venus must be in 12th or 6th house or atleast Taurus or Libra must be in 12th house. Or 12th lord must be with Venus or in Taurus or Libra.

To sum up Venus if in Kendras or Trikona in Taurus Gemini or Libra navamsha and with Mars , all comforts and luxuries of life with ample money are waiting at your Doorstep. You are blessed by Venus.

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