Aries Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Horoscope Aries Zodiac Sign General Characters and Significance Meaning

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The Mesha Rasi or the Aries Sign is considered as the first sign in the 12 zones of the zodiac. The planet Mars is the Ruler of this sign. As Mars is a fiery planet (Fire element), Aries is also called as a fiery Sign, associated with the Fire element of the Earth. The Earth consists of five primary elements: Air, Water, Fire, Sky and Earth/Land. Being a fiery Sign, Aries contains warmth and heat-related qualities. Because of this, this sign considers the day and night with equality.

Mars is considered as a male planet among the nine planets; hence Aries can be called as a male sign. The animal Ram (male sheep) represents this sign in the animal kingdom. Hence this Rasi is called as the animal sign or an honest sign or a rising sign. Being the first sun sign, the Aries rules the constellations of Ashwini (all the four pada), Bharani (all the four pada) and Karthigai (the first pada) and direction SOUTH. Since this sign is the first among the sun signs, the Sun is signifying relation father. But Saturn, the son of Sun and the ruler of the Life and Career Houses, is in retrograde here. Mars is the ruler of this sign and the other planets are in friendly terms with this sign.


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People born under this sign generally possess good strong body structure, muscular physique, with a long neck and beautiful face. The eyes are sharp and usually black in color. Their face radiates charm all the time.


Born under the influence of Mars, they are always active, optimistic, brave and impulsive. They are slightly greedy. They always want to be the first in everything they undertake. Though they love to give advice to everyone, they are rather reluctant to be advised over anything.  They follow their own mind in whatever they do. They are full of confidence and never hesitate to change something that they don’t like. Since this is a Fire sign, the Aries-born will always have thoughts running through their mind. They take immediate steps for the fulfillment of their thoughts and desires.

Like their Animal sign, Ram (Male Sheep), Aries-born has the warrior spirit. Just like the Ram, which lifts its head for a fight, the Aries-born too will raise their head, shake their head or tilt it to one side while talking. They will never falter in pressing, urgent situations. They will go to any end to fulfill their dreams. They are adept at influencing and controlling people to reach their goals.


Their financial situation will be moderately good at all times. Since the sun sign Taurus comes next to this sign, the Aries-born will be good when it comes to money, land, jewelry, clothes.  The Taurus is also called as the Treasure sign, and due to ts influence, the Aries will also be affluent. Even when the expenses mount above the income, the Aries born will have money that keeps flowing into their hands.


With Mars as the ruler of this sign, the health system of the Aries-born is strong in immunity. But due to the fiery nature of Mars, accidents and surgeries do happen. Somehow or other they get scrapes and bruises in their body. The Aries-born loves to indulge in sports, parties, fun and entertainment. The sixth sign of Aries is Virgo, and the sixth position indicates the position for health, career, and enemies. Due to this, Aries-born should always be careful when dealing with health and career related matters.  People born under Aries will be afflicted with headaches, stomach problems, and nervous problems, pain in the spinal region, fever, nausea and blocks along the veins.

Generally speaking, the strength of affliction depends on the exact birth details of a person. If the person was born when his Ruler was in ascent or in a retrograde period, accordingly his afflictions will be mild or tough.


The Aries-born generally have very good parents.  The fourth sign of Aries is the Cancer, which represents the mother. The Aries-born will always have the love and support of their mothers. Their father will always be beneficial to them. Under their fathers’ guidance, Aries-born will surely succeed.

People born under Aries will have a good married life. They will live up to their spouse. Family life will flow well, with understanding and unity. They are bound to get the life they want. Their children will be good. Both good fortune and troubles come to the Aries-born, because of their children.


The 10th House which takes care of career comes under the auspice of Saturn for Aries. The 10th position stands for popular private companies and industrialists. The 6th House is also concerned with jobs, indicating the opportunities for working under someone for a monthly income. Government jobs are also possible.

The Aries-born are hard-workers, energetic and enthusiastic about their careers. Their mind is filled with thoughts about work.

Generally speaking, we have to look at the exact birth date details of a person to accurately predict their career prospects. Due to the variations in the movement of the planets, the different stages of the planets (Ascending, retrograde), and the varied job opportunities available now, only a detailed inspection of the birth chart of a person will provide the correct analysis of his career.

  • Lucky days: Wednesday, Friday
  • Lucky Numbers: number 5 & number 8
  • Lucky Colours: Green, White
  • Lucky Stone: Green emerald, Diamond


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