Best Career option according to Vedic Astrology – Gemini Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Lagna) - Best career option according to Ascendant

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Career for Gemini Ascendant

The Ruler of the Life House for the Gemini ascendants is Lord Jupiter. If Lord Jupiter is in a strong position and is in his ruling period, then you will rise high up in your life, gain wealth, respect and fame; others will look up to you for guidance. Work in banking, social causes can be seen. Though Jupiter is the benefactor related to your financial well-being, he is also unfriendly for your ascendant, hence you should be careful while lending and borrowing anything. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TWELVE HOUSES IN ASTROLOGY

Not only this, you will gain profits only when you lead your business alone and not enter into any partnerships. If planet Jupiter is present along with Mars and Sun or if Jupiter is present in your 10th House along with Mars, you will get a respectable government job and hold good managerial position. If Saturn is also present in a strong position, then you will be elected to a high, respectable position by the public. If Mercury is present along with Sun and Mars in the 10th House, then you can have a career in engineering, and shine well in computer related fieldsSignificance of Nine planets in vedic astrology

Jupiter conjunction with Mars

When Jupiter is present along with Mars and is in a benevolent position, then you can have a good career in the realty business and gain influential position in the society.

Jupiter conjunction with Moon