Blue Sapphire: Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

The resplendent bling of a pure blue sapphire will catch your eye with every look. This variety of corundum minerals is cut and finely polished before molding into an enigmatic gemstone. Because of the hardness of blue sapphires, they are also used in many non-ornamental devices.

The gem sapphire is also sacred to the planet Saturn. It brings numerous benefits to your life. And, its excellent rare color makes it very desirable. Also, it is known for its luster and hardness that’s second only to diamonds. 

If you wish to have a sparkling gem on your ring, here are some blue sapphire benefits that may lure you:

  • Firstly, you should know if the stone suits you or not. Wealth, prosperity, and good luck can only come to you if the stone is compatible with your birth charts.
  • wearing a blue sapphire will give you better cognitive health. This stone enhances your decision-making power and helps you think clearly.
  • This stone can help you get rid of your fears and negativity, while filling your heart with pure love and compassion.
  • The stone can also be fantastic for education as it helps with concentration and focus.

Now that you know the benefits of the stone, keep these things in mind when going to buy blue sapphire. Certain factors make one stone different from another, and they are:

Color of the Sapphire 

We are all aware that blue has various shades, and the same goes for the sapphire stones. The key difference between shades is saturation. The best sapphire has the highest saturation level, making it the purest of all. 

Blue sapphire comes in a huge variety of tones and hues as well. From baby blue to royal blue, all the variants come with a different price tag. The vivid velvety with medium tone and deep saturation blue is the most coveted variety of this gemstone. It comes at an exclusive blue sapphire price as well. 

Clarity of the Stone 

Clarity of the sapphire will tell you that if the sapphire is synthetic or natural. A pure sapphire will always have visible inclusions for the naked eye, and if not, you’ll know it is artificial. These lines, blemishes, or rutile inclusions are small, so you must look very carefully to identify them if you want to leverage blue sapphire benefits.

Remember, many fake sellers offer cheap quality stone with color enhancements, sold at unbelievably low prices. Pure blue sapphire is a rare and expensive gem. If a seller claims to offer it at a dirt-cheap rate, don’t fall into their trap. 

What Cut Do You Want?

The cut of your sapphire will decide how magnificent the ring will look on your finger. If the stone is not carved correctly, then it won’t reflect any light. So, look under the proper lights to check the luminescence. There are various types of cuts like round, cushion, oval, pear, radiant, marquise, princess, baguette, etc. preferred in this stone. However, cutters
are always cautious to minimize the wastage in the process. 

Depending on your budget and preferences, buy blue sapphire that ticks all the right boxes. Remember, the prices may also vary due to the cut because a significant part of the stone is lost while giving it a fancy shape. If you buy a simple blue sapphire cut as a cabochon or in a regular round shape, the prices may be low. 

Weight of the Sapphire

Sapphires are heavy, and if you compare them with diamonds, you will notice that sapphire will be of a smaller size than the diamond of the same weight. Blue sapphire prices will vary according to the size of the stone. The bigger the size, the heavier is the price. If you are buying the stone for astrological purposes, consult an astrologer before deciding on the right weight in carats. Stores like GemPundit offer free astrological recommendations to make this process easier. You can share your details, and an experienced astrologer will give you proper guidance to select the right carat, color, and origin of the stone. 

Price of the Stone

It will help if you take care of your budget when shopping online. When we talk about blue sapphires, there are factors like quality and quantity which decide the price for the stone. The better the quality, the higher the price will be. 

If the stone is pure and natural, it will come with a hefty price tag as well all know. The size of the stone also plays a significant role in determining the blue sapphire price. So, decide on your budget accordingly.

Make Sure Your Blue Sapphire is Not an Imitation

There are a lot of ways one can cheat you when it comes to gemstones. Fraudsters can use colored glass, garnets, and tourmalines that can be easily dyed and presented as a fake blue sapphire. Hence, you have to make sure that you choose the right seller. 

Always remember that the real stone reflects light, whereas the fake one will behave differently. The imitation will not even long last, so if that happens, you know what to do. Here, don’t forget to ask the seller for a free lab certification that authenticates the purity, origin, and other quality factors of the stone. If the seller refuses to provide the same, it can be a red flag.

The Right Place to Buy

As everything is turning online, many gem sellers prefer selling on the web only. You have to make sure that you select the right one. If you know what you are looking for, you will know where to find the stone. 

If you buy blue sapphire online, it will save a lot of time and money, and you may get favorable discounts. You can also order the stone from anywhere in the world with easy return policies, which are another benefit of buying online.

Once you have the right knowledge about things you should keep in mind, we are sure that you will select what is best. After you purchase the sapphire, make sure that you take good care of the stone to give it a long life. You can clean the ornament with a soft cloth or brush and some warm soapy water to avoid surface damage or color fading.

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