Can you ever do black magic over you?

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Read this article written in a very simple language to know it is full of knowledge –

Whose soul was scared or whose heart and mind was affected by any fear and he agreed that black magic could be on me then it was very simple. Black magic can really affect you.

Effect of black magic

You must have seen the effect of black magic first on the person’s mind and he loses his mental peace. So the weak moon has a big contribution in black magic because it reflects our mind and mental motion.

Black magic or harassment can only be done by our enemies. Black magic is a kind of mental illness. So the sixth bhav contributes a lot in providing pain by black magic or enemy.

Black magic is proving its meaning in itself. Black means Saturn and magic means Rahu. Hence Rahu and Shani have a big contribution in black magic.

Without any doubt, if the owner of a person’s lagna or lagna is weak or the sins like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are seen from the planets, then the possibility of such evils increases.


Sometimes the moon is suffering from sin planets like Shani Rahu and Ketu, there is a possibility of black magic and if the lagna along with the moon is also getting the sin effect, then there is definitely a possibility of nuisance of black magic. Grows up more and more.

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Black Magic – Example

If Rahu and Moon are sitting in the lagna in the birth horoscope and sins are seen from planets like Saturn, Ketu etc. then the person can be under the influence of black magic or negative energy, similarly if the question is Rahu and the moon in the horoscope also in the horoscope Relationships definitely indicates to some upper knowledge or black magic. The lagna has been given the knowledge of the body and the moon of the mind. So, if both the weak or the sin is seen from the planets, the person can quickly and easily be under the influence of black magic.


If someone asks you if he is under the influence of Black Magic you can use the QUESTION HOROSCOPE method written by me below to find out. Attention, use this method only when someone asks you a question.

This method is as follows

  • If the question is in the horoscope, the sun is in 6-8-12 expressions, then it indicates the fault of the Khetrapal, the area means the place and the pal means the protector. If it is said in common language, then the protector of your living place or your birthplace is called Khetrapal. It is also known as Kuldeva, God or place God. This fault is considered the most serious, because everyone wants the grace of God.
  • If the question sits in the horoscope, the moon or Venus in 6-8-12 expressions, it indicates the defects or obstacles by Kuldevi, that is, which is being worshipped by your clan for a very long time.
  • In the same way, if Rahu, Shani or Ketu sit in 6-8-12 feelings, then it indicates negative energy or black magic and if the moon is included in it, the possibilities increase even more. Moreover, my experience sometimes takes away the grace of our God from us.
  • And I have also experienced that the person who daily worships the sun or chants, penance, sandhya, puja-archana etc. then these negative energy stays away from that person and can not easily affect them.

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