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Horoscope explanation about Zodiac Sign Capricorn or Makara Rashi

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The Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac. Since this sign appears at the high point of the zodiac, this sign is also called as the “high” sign. This sign is also called as “Ora Sara” Rashi. This sign is represented by the Land element of Nature, hence this is also called as an earth sign, This sign is also called as “half-benefit” Rashi and “Dual” Rashi.


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Capricorn sign is ruled by Lord Saturn in the 10th position. As Saturn rules the darkness, this is also called as a “dark” Rashi, “narrow rise” Rashi.

In the ancient books of astrology, this sign is depicted by half deer and half crocodile, while the Greeks depicted this sign with half deer and half fish. In western ideologies, it is represented with sheep head and sea-horse body. But our ancient representation is the accurate symbol for this Rashi.

Hence they are called as a crocodile in water and monster lizard on land. This constellation spreads across 240 and 270 degrees in the sky.  This constellation contains the stars: Uthiradam (pada 2, 3, 4), Thiruvonam/Shravanam (pada 1, 2, 3, 4) and Avittam (pada 1, 2).

Lord Saturn is the ruler of this constellation. Mars is friendly towards this sign, while Jupiter is in retrograde. Lord Sun is maleficent in this sign, while the other planets are equable to this sign.


Born under the Lord Saturn, the Capricorns are moderately good-looking. In the earlier years, they will be thin. As they grow, their eyes grow beautiful and they grow into beauty. Their hair will be curly, their eyes slightly sunken. They will always be charming.


The Capricorns might usually belong to the upper strata of society, but due to their saturnine nature, they will be selfless and work to the bone for the welfare of others. They are rather like candles which burn themselves so that others can have light. The Capricorns usually think twice before doing anything.

They are very shy people and have fear of anything unknown. Born under the Saturn influence, they are very sparing in their expenses and think twice before buying anything. They are intelligent, honest and truthful. They struggle in each and every step of their life, overcoming obstacles. They have the desire to experience everything about life. They yearn for true love and affection, but their friends and relatives usually end up cheating on them.

The person born under Capricorn sign are very talkative, unnecessarily earning the ire of others. Saturnine means laziness. Hence, they will not finish any job immediately. They procrastinate till the end and complete the job only when they have to.  They are slow in their thought processes. But once they start on a job they won’t stop till it is finished.

Generally, the people born under Capricorn sign are interested in art and crafts. They keep learning and trying new things. Their mind is always buzzing with thoughts. They have self-confidence, and even if others speak ill of them, they forgive them easily. They do not start on anything on their own. They always need the push from someone to start doing things, but once started; they will get energetic and finish the work quickly. They can lie easily and invent good stories. They are usually very intelligent and have high moral ideals.


As Aquarius comes in the 2nd position for Capricorn, their income will not be steady. Even if they get a sudden windfall, they will waste the money without saving anything. Hence they are always in need of money. They are highly motivated to earn and keep trying many ways to earn an income. They will save a good amount of money, but spend them in one go in an impulsive way. They have good chances of buying new vehicles, houses and properties. They will have no interest in building their own houses. Someone should keep stimulating them to achieve their goals. They love perfumes.


Since the Moon comes in the 7th position of zodiac house, their married life will be moderately happy. Their spouse will be good-looking and youthful. Their spouse will be miserly and self-centred. Their spouses will not let them waste money. Even if their spouse has frequent health problems they will take good care of them. They will be affectionate towards their spouses and their relatives. Their children will bring good fortune to them. Their children will be truthful and loving.


The presence of Lord Saturn in the 10th position brings problems to the thighs, knee, heel and feet, cold, bone problems, allergies, skin problems, and gastric trouble. Lung problems might also arise. Mercury in the 6th House indicates problems in the ear and nerves.

Many people will willingly lend them money. They will always be in the need of one loan or another. They will take loans for buying vehicles, land or houses. Some even take loans to travel abroad. However, they will work hard to pay off their debts.


Lord Venus is in the 10th position for this sign, which indicates government related work. The presence of Mercury in the 6th House indicates a career in communications and transport, maths, medicine, and engineering. The presence of Lord Venus in the 10th position signifies an alternative career in music, arts and cine field.

They will be interested in producing cosmetics for women, water-related businesses, self-employment through small businesses, manufacturing businesses.

To know which job is exactly suited for a person, one must analyze the birth chart of a person. The planetary periods and positions in his chart will be unique. A detailed analysis will show the correct career for that person.


  • Capricorn Sign Lucky Days:  Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Capricorn Sign Lucky Numbers: 5, 6, 8
  • Capricorn Sign Lucky Colours: Green, White, and Black
  • Capricorn Sign Lucky Stones:  Green Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire


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