Effect of Saturn in different house – Lat Kitab

Effect of Saturn in various house

Effect of Saturn in first house according to Lal Kitab The first home is affected by the Sun and Mars. In the first house, Saturn will give good results only when there are no enemies of Saturn in the third, seventh or tenth house. If, Mercury or Venus, Rahu or Ketu, are in the seventh … Read more

ग्रहों के कारण अाती है विवाह में बाधा

Obstacle conditions in marriage astrology

वैदिक ज्योतिष के अनुसार जब कुंडली में सप्तमेश की दशा या अन्तर्दशा, सातवें घर में स्थित ग्रहों की दशा या अन्तर्दशा अथवा सातवें घर को देखने वाले ग्रहों दशा अन्तर्दशा हो, यदि छठे घर से संबंधित दशा या अन्तर्दशा चल रही हो तो विवाह में विलंब या विघ्न उत्पन्न होता है। कई बार विलंब से … Read more

Kemdrum Yoga astrological definition and Remedies

Definition Kemdrum Yoga

Generally, in the astrological definition, all the yoga related to the moon has a direct impact on the mind of the person. Due to the factor of the mind, the thoughts, mood and methodology of the person has been considered important to be the rise of the moon or set. All natural creatures and humans … Read more

Blue Sapphire: Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

Gemstone Royal Blue Sapphire

The resplendent bling of a pure blue sapphire will catch your eye with every look. This variety of corundum minerals is cut and finely polished before molding into an enigmatic gemstone. Because of the hardness of blue sapphires, they are also used in many non-ornamental devices. The gem sapphire is also sacred to the planet … Read more

Tips for easing Corona tension and how spirituality can help

Corona virus Managing Stress and Anxiety

Train yourself to accept uncertainty Failure to endure uncertainty makes a person more susceptible to anxiety. A study conducted during the 2009 influenza A (H1N1) pandemic shows that people who find it more difficult to accept uncertainty are more likely to experience high anxiety. Therefore it is important to learn gradually to overcome uncertainties in … Read more

Your Ascendant and Purpose of Life

significance of Ascendant in vedic astrology

“The ascendant rules the outer personality – the way a person actually presents to the world” Aries: The deficiency in you is you didn’t take care of you in past life. Your focus is always on own self . So as an Aries ascendent you are more about “Me”, the attention seeker of others. That … Read more

Finding Homosexuality in Vedic Astrology

Same sex prediction in the Birth Chart Horoscope- Astrology

Sample Chart Analysis Homosexuality Birth details: 20.03.1992, 08.34 AM, 12N58, 77E35 Moon sign: Virgo : female, Sun sign Pisces :female, and Asc sign Aries : male. Gender sign of Asc lord is Mars: Male. The Asc lord mars is placed in Aquarius with Venus. The gender sign of Aquarius is male. Jupiter (male)aspects Lagna and … Read more