Chandra Mangla Yoga and Effects

Chandra Mangla Yoga or Moon & Mars conjunction in Vedic Astrology

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When planet Moon and Mars are present at the same Rashi or House, note it means the same House together, and then the person is bestowed with the Chandra Mangala Yoga.

Some do call it as “SasiMangala Yoga”, but it is the same.

What are the benefits of Chandra Mangala yoga?

This yoga comes with benefits and side effects.

The greater the benefits, the greater the side effects are.

The person with this yoga will have a never ending supply of money. Money will keep flowing through his hands in some way or another. He will be wealthy. But the Ruler of the mind, Lord Moon is present along with Lord Mars, a maleficent planet. Hence this brings in many mental struggles in that person’s life. That is the side effect.

An interesting tidbit:

When Lord Moon is in the House of Taurus (where He is strongest) and Lord Mars is in the House of Scorpio (His Ruling House) else when planet Mars is in the Capricorn House (where He is strongest) and Lord Moon is in the House of Cancer (His Ruling House), this setup is highly good.

Either present together or their gazes will bring good to that person. That person’s coffers will never dry up. That is the maximum benefit equivalent of Sasimangala yoga.

When Lord Moon and Lord Mars are present in the same House in any position of a person’s birth chart, it is Chandra Mangala yoga.

Lord Moon is a satvik natured planet. When a malefic planet like Mars is present with the Moon, then the following occurs:

  1. That person’s mental stability will be compromised.
  2. His nature will change. He will become emotional, forgetting his surroundings and himself. Lord Mars will cause his mind to flow and ebb unevenly.
  3. Due to his unpredictable nature, this person will have a difficult relationship with his wife and relatives.

Lord Moon is a benevolent planet bringing in good benefits. He is the Ruler of the 4th House. Lord Mars brings in some benefits in His own way. He is the one who can bestow the lands and properties in the 4th House. Hence people, both planets bring in benefits.

Hence it is confirmed that the person with SasiMangala yoga or Chandra Mangala yoga will be wealthy. But there are side effects too.

When will these planets bestow their goodness?

Both planets will bring in benefits during their ruling periods.

What will be the extent of the benefits and side effects?

Depending on the Houses they are present, it will vary. Lord Mars is strong in the Houses of 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Lord Moon is strongest at the Houses of 2, 4, 7, 11 and 12.

Hence depending on which Houses they occupy, the planet in their ruling Houses will become strongest.

The people with Lord Moon strongest in their birth chart will face more benefits.

This is the common rule. Depending on strongest position, weakened position, debilitated position, hidden position or Ashtavarka position 6, 8 or 12, the benefits of this yoga will change.

We have given the general benefits depending on the House position below:

  1. When both the planets are present at the Ascendant House and the Ascendant is Aries or Scorpio, it is highly beneficial. Else the person will have difficulties related to health. Significance of planets
  2. When this setting in present in the 2nd House, then that person will be rich and have a sumptuous life. But he will also suffer from heart issues and frequent accidents.
  3. When these planets are present in the 3rd House, this person will be a person of taste. He will love all things artistic and beautiful; but his heart will be full of worries and problems. Some even lose their spouses at a very young age.
  4. When the planets are present in the 4th House, then that person is a lucky person. He will not fight things and let his life flow along. Though he is strong at heart, he will have an unpleasant relationship with his younger siblings.
  5. When these planets are present at the 5th House, that person will be a fighter and aggressive. But he will also be a masterful personality.
  6. When these planets are present at the 6th House, it will bring in enemies and problems. Some will face frequent accidents.
  7. When the planets are present in the 7th House, this person will be bestowed with riches and power. But his married life will be chaotic, depending on his birth chart. Some might even marry twice. But this person will emerge victorious always over his enemies. He will have heart ailments. Auspicious Dates – Panchangam
  8. When these planets are present in the 8th House, it brings downfall and problems. Their marriage life will fail, ending in divorce or death of spouse. Some will marry twice. Sometimes, this setting will bring in extreme wealth, while reducing the lifespan of this person. Numerology – Lucky numbers
  9. When the planets are present in the 9th House, it will bring in power, wealth, respect and strength. But at the same time, it might reduce the lifespan of this person or he will suffer from serious accidents.
  10. When these two planets are in the 10th House, they will have a job which makes lots of money. Some will have great physical strength but no mental strength at all.
  11. When the two planets are in the 11th House, that person will have a lot of friends and will make a good name as a social worker. He will sing songs like,” Money keeps dropping on my lap”, as He will always have cash flowing through his fingers. If Lord Mars is not in a strong position, then this person will show no interest in anything, but he will be rich. Saturn Transit 2020 – Free horoscope online
  12. When these two planets are in the 12th house, it has a lot of side effects compared to the benefits. This is the 12th House, the House of Loss. Hence it will result in loss of health, mental peace, friendships, relations and money.

Those with this kind of birth chart should not worry about it, as all trials and tribulations in our life are to wake us up to the real Truth of Life. Those who lose everything will realize that there is nothing theirs to lose. And that is the path to Moksha or Enlightenment.

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