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Child Astrology and Progeny

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Progeny and 5th House:

5th house is the house of child begetting or progeny. Jupiter is the natural signifactor. In the Ruling period 2 5 11 houses , mainly the Dasha lord either signify 5 11 or 2 5 then there is hope. Transit confirms, whether a couple can be parents or not . When Jupiter passes through 5 house /1 house or 2 house 9 house or 11 house indicates the time of fructification .

With this the other planets to be considered: Venus (fertility/semen) , Sun (vitality) if we are considering a male chart and for female Moon and Mars (menstruation cycle) . A combust Venus may not yield child bearing because of weakness in semen count or fertility.

In KP method the 5 cusp sub lord is a benefic planet , not connected to frigid planet like Mercury and Saturn because the couple may not be interested for children in view of both wife and husband professionals. When placed in watery sign like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces the intensity is more . In the second order comes Taurus, Libra, Sagitarius, Capricorn. But Virgo Aries Gemini and Leo are considered barren sign. If the 5 CSL signify 2 5 7 11, then the native will be blessed with a child.

Let us take one example : male: 16.05.1985, 09.57 AM, Sagara.

His 5 2 11 cusp sub lords are Ketu Moon and ketu. Ketu is a Separative planet and Malefic, placed in Libra , in the second order of possibility described above. Ketu is placed in Jupiter star and Mercury sub. The natural planetary significance is not strong.

Ketu : 2 5 10 12.
Moon : 2 5 10 12.

Ketu is not strongly placed so the promise is weak. There may be physical disabilities, needing medication. If he undergoes treatment may be possible.

The Mahadasha lord should create the event through its star lord. The Mahadasha is of Venus. Venus is posited in Mercury star. Mercury indicates house 1 4 11. Venus Dasha continues till July 2023. Appearing 4 in the denotation negates child. So it is my view let him in treatment first .

An other example we may take of a female : 20.08.1992, 00.45,Bhubaneswar.

Her 5 2 11 cusp sub lords are Venus Saturn and Venus. 5 11 lord is Venus a benefic planet and , placed in leo with Jupiter and Sun a barren sign. Venus is placed in Venus star and Mercury sub. Venus operating as star lord for Moon, Jupiter. There is 50 % hope from planets side. Houses:

Venus: 1 4 6 8 11.
Mercury: 2 3 5.

If we consider the above house significance possibility is there. 4 6 8 presence speaks serious disorder of the productive system. However, her Sun and Jupiter are well placed. So the option is surrogacy or any such other medical science method.

Her Dasha lord is Moon. Venus is star lord of Moon. So she can be a mother.

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