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Discord and Fights among the spouse

Gopal Krishna Panigrahi
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As we know in kp married life will be cordial if the 7 th sub or star Lord is connected to the 7 th house with strong 2 and 11 lord supporting it. Because why I take star lord as alternative, when there is a doubt in birth time. The 12 house is for bed pleasure, and thereby it speaks mental and physical satisfaction. If malefic planet like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu either of the one has a connection with 12 house, then it effects adversely. I don’t take Sun as Malefic. If Sun relates then the spouse is dominant, wish to retain it’s whim, in honest and legal manner. If it is the case in Male it is welcome. In a house hold a male should be powerful to face a challenging situation. If the female, then horrible situations arise. There will be oral fights would be ensuing.

When the Cuspal Sub lord of 7th house is significator of ( 6,8 ) or ( 8,12 ) or ( 6 , 12 ) then this discord is a common phenomena . If in Husband or Wife's Ascendant lord is Firery sign and have connection with Mars or Saturn or Rahu or Ketu in any manner and connected with 6th,8th or 12 th house one will torture the other partner . They cannot be pacified . They will go to any extent to torture their life partner. If in male they will torture to wife and if it in Female will torture to Husband.

8 House is important . But we ignore it. It is the house of in-laws, specially for women, it is to be seen. The cordiality with in-laws endows native a peaceful existence. Different , otherwise, it may lead divorce, separation even sadly suicide too.

Malefics in 1/7, 2/8 and 6/12 axis give problems in married life. But coupled with an afflicted moon it's more worse. Ensues mental torture.

Addition- 11H is for achievement. It is mental attachment with partner, if 5H is coming in the assessment it is a positive and 9 more enforcement is the bonding.

Other factors are to be seen . i.e placement of 4H, Venus, JUPITER, Moon , Mercury etc. Easiest way if these Lords signify 5 9 11 sure to take harmonious the marriage is.


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