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Marriage or No Marriage - Why?

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In astrology the 7th house rules spouse, the planet Jupiter & Venus decide marriage and the subsequent married life. A well placed Moon gives the pleasing course of journey. In this group “Astro Research” one Mr.Sandeep Dash has submitted his birth details: 03.05.1971, time: 09.07.AM, Dibrugarh., :--asking “ bad insurance business, unmarried life, and un-foreign settlement”...He has asked three questions. Here I am going to discuss more on his unmarriage as yet. Logically if you see circumventing his sayings, he has no good financial support, then how can a woman will come forward to make her life more worse like hell? Is he truly banned by the God the pleasure of married life: that, let us know from his Atma karaka.

His ATK is Mer . Ret. (29 deg 46 minute) and debilitated in Pisces with Venus in the chart. You all know Mercury it’s nature and when debilitated and vakri it acts with perverse and cunningness as like luring in speech, ability to turn a bad into good and a good into bad, argue in hot temper, creating a situation like war when hurt : Jupiter aspects it, that is why every time he escapes himself. The ATK is debilitated, His Matrukaraka is Venus and Pitru karka is Jupiter. Let me submit his nature as a Buddha atmakaraka persona. Outspoken, least considering others sentiment, insistent and obstinate what ever it may come, incurring the wrath and rejection from all, a trouble creating personality. When convinced , by that time all should have been over. His super ego is all the root cause of disappointment in every walks of life. He seems to be intelligent but will have no patience to pursue a particular goal or objective. He gives good advice, but in his own life ,seldom he would follow. Stubborn, tenacious, orthodox, furious , vengeful . He jumps to execute any thing with out least assessing his ability, inflliable , unconsolable beyond coming to any agreement. In his life he is devoid of home pleasure. In his Chart Saturn the darakarka is combust placed in 00 degree. His Jupiter is retrograde too.

7 house: it falls in Sagittarius, Lord Jupiter. Jupiter a dual planet with retrogration is in 6 house, which altogether negates his marriage. Jupiter and Saturn aspects each other, through this connection the houses like 6 7 8 9 10 12 share energy with each other. (Please count from 7 the houses ) all are against of 2 7 11 the marriage houses. It seems the native to have advanced in love ,assured the woman to give her the status of wife finally betrayed. You may note it from Moon, with its connection with Ketu , Mars ,Rahu, Saturn and Jupiter. The Retrograde Jupiter speaks his peculiar concept on women folks.

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Hi Gopal sir can you have a look into my horoscope

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