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12 Zodiac Sign and their Directions

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In Zodiac, each sign represents particular directions.

Aries Sign - Mesha Rasi - East direction

Taurus Sign - Rishaba Rasi - South direction

Gemini Sign - Mithuna Rasi- West direction

Cancer Sign - Kataka Rasi - North direction

Leo Sign - Simha Rasi - South East direction

Virgo Sign - Kanni Rasi - South West direction

Libra Sign - Thula Rasi - North West direction

Scorpio Sign - Vrischika Rashi - North East direction

Sagittarius Sign - Dhanu Rasi - South East direction

Capricorn Sign - Mahara Rasi - South West direction

Aquarius Sign - Kumbha Rasi - North West direction

Pisces Sign - Meena Rasi - North East direction.


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