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6th House and it's implications

Gopal Krishna Panigrahi
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The total matters in our life is broadly confined to 12 houses. Here my discussion goes around on 6 house. What is 6 house ?

6th house in birth chart indicates own created action. It is primarily the house of debts, litigation, obligation , chronic illness , job hard working, service to others , knowledge in occult studies, maternal home, relationship with subordinates etc. Mars and Saturn are the natural significator of this house. In Astrology 6 house is treated as one of the bad houses. Any house connecting with 6 gets negative effects. It in body part represents the upper portion of our stomach and digestive system. When this house is afflicted the native encounters problem in stomach or digestive system.

Positive part of this house is that it is one of the upachaya house out of 3 6 10 11. Among these 10 house is considered as most powerful, because it is the indicator of one’s livelihood. In kalapursha kundli 6 house is ruled by Mercury, means application of mind. You can only overcome debt, job, servants, disease, opponents through application of mind; and If it is connected to other upachaya houses 3 10 11, very advantageous for the native. If to cadent houses 1 4 7 , the outcome is pain with gain. When it connects with 2 10 11, gives good monetary return and a best social position. It is the one house of valour. So malefic planets like Mars ,Saturn, Rahu or Ketu makes the native strong and victorious, the planet should be well placed, in positive side (not in inimical sign, debilitated ). The native can vanquish the enemy ruthlessly, annihilating out rightly from the path. Natural benefics when placed , give kindness and forgiving nature.


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