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Difference in the results of Planet Mars Saturn Rahu and Ketu.

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We know that Mars Saturn Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets. Malefic is a common word for all 4 planets who are giving the result of our past life bad karmas and sins but today we will distinguish these 4 planets and get more clarity about them .

Mars is natural ruler of 3rd and 6th house. 3rd house has adventure and travels. 6th house is for enemies, illness, injuries and non fatal accidents . So Mars has fight quarrels and fear, thrill and threat, enthusiasm and unbearable pain also.

Saturn is the natural ruler of 8th house and 12th house. 8th house has negative energy of serious illness, fatal accidents and also death.

Negativity of 12th house is hospitalization, jail, limitation of freedom, loneliness and punishments .So Saturn has sorrow and sadness, worries and failures, long lasting pains and sufferings, crippledom and loneliness .

Rahu has all the negativity of Mars and Saturn both but his way is different .

Mars when crosses Sun Moon or natal Mars degree or when Sun crosses Mars degree it creates either thrill, travels , excitement, threat or fear depends upon Dasha and major transit of Saturn.

If good period then this transit will give excitement, joy , thrill , traveling , sudden financial gain, promotion and like. If bad period is running then this transit will create fear , give threatens , police case , income tax raid or create accident and severe pain to the body.

If Saturn crosses Sun Moon sign and that time if Sun crosses or opposes natal Saturn degree then this time is of death of some dear and near one, hospitalization , some negative news that disturb your peace, some unexpected worries , some failure, some sorrow, some sudden illness that create long lasting pain or limitations in life like walking problems.

Difference between Mars and Saturn is Mars has more fear and threat whereas Saturn has more pain and worries. Mars creates short term events whereas Saturn creates long lasting events .

Rahu if positive then give sudden huge money like lottery , inheritance , gain in speculation , gambling , foreign Visa, long journeys and like.

If bad then create Cancer like disease , fatal accident, suicidal tendency , schizophrenia, suffocation , imprisonment and huge financial loss.

Rahu generally give such results only when transiting through Moon Sun , or when passing through 12th house from Moon and Cancer like disease when Saturn Rahu or Rahu Saturn dasha is running .

Ketu if gives positive results then takes one to spiritual journey and creates detachment. Ketu if badly placed and also aspected by Mars like planets then fire, explosion, suicide and murder type events.

I hope you can now clearly understand the difference in the results of Mars Saturn Rahu and Ketu.


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