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Grahan Saham and Events  

Ashwin Rawal
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We all know that Rahu is not a planet but a shadowy planet but his effect is very strong and long lasting. Rahu creates drastic change in the life journey through his transits and Dasha.

Also we know that Rahu is the bitter enemy of Sun and Moon so in his bad transits he attacks the prestige and image created by Sun and mental peace created by Moon.

Today we will discuss some new topic related to Rahu Sun and Moon.

Substract Sun degree or Sun longitudes from the Rahu degree and we will get a new degree or Saham.This we will call Rahu saham.

Add this Rahu Saham to Moon degree or Moon longitudes. We will get a new degree or Saham. We will call it A Grahan saham. A very poisonous Saham or point.

These are mathematical points so let us understand thru example.

Sun Capricorn 22°46' =292 46
Moon Aries 08°20' =008 20
Rahu Aries 06°26' =006 20

Rahu Aries 06.26 minus Sun Capricorn 22.46. Rahu has lesser degrees. So add 360. Now Rahu 366.26 minus Sun 292.46. Result is 73.40. This comes Gemini 13°40'. This is Rahu Saham. Add this Saham to Moon degree. 13.40 + 08.20. This will reach to Gemini 22°. For this native this Gemini 22 degree is Grahan Saham which is very poisonous point.

Native lost his father when Rahu was Gemini 22 and Saturn was Virgo 22 degree aspecting this point. On the day of death Sun was also 21 degree Gemini.

Native lost his flat and compelled to vacate it when Rahu was exact 23 degree Libra and was aspecting Gemini 22 degree. Mars was 20 degree Gemini on that day.

Native was operated on his Kidney for a big stone when Sun was 22 Gemini.

I have 3 more another examples to prove that most negative energy is stored at this degree but one example is enough to elaborate the importance of this degree.

This degree is most vital and negative and we should check the dates of all our negative past events and check the transit degrees of the planets on those dates.

Rahu will always play his role whenever a planet is crossing this poisonous degree. May be Sun, may be Moon, may be Mars, may be Jupiter, may be Saturn or may be Rahu Ketu. Just watch and be careful !!!

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