In 2024, not Rahul ...
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In 2024, not Rahul Gandhi, Modi ji will become the Prime Minister.

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Nowadays many Pandits are speaking with claim that Rahul Gandhi will become Prime Minister in 2024 by making videos in YouTube. But I have written clearly that Rahulji can never become the Prime Minister of India. Yes, Priyanka Gandhi has this yoga in her horoscope, but I am not able to see any chance for her till 2029. Now the talk of Bharatiya Janata Party.
The new side of I.N.D.I.A has created by the opposition side, its scorpio looking horoscope has become very weak.
Modiji's timing is going a bit bad till October 30. Rahu is walking along with Guru in the seventh place. The seventh place for the Prime Minister is of the public. As soon as Rahu will come into Pisces and birth Rahuka will come up, his charisma will resume.
India's Lok Sabha election is in 2024 and its result will be in May. At that time Rahu will walk in Pisces and Guru will come in Taurus and see both his sun and moon. This situation is very good.
Modiji will win by majority again in 2024 elections and will become Prime Minister. There is no two opinions in this.