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Karma is a Black Cobra  

Gopal Krishna Panigrahi
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Alternatively we may say it “As you sow, so shall you reap”.If you sow good seed on well prepared fertile ground, the chances of the seed germinating and producing a good crop . If you sow seed poorly on ill prepared infertile ground, the chances of the seed germinating and producing a good crop is a day dream. You will not reap a harvest at all or if you reap it is of no magnitude to subscribe.

What better example do we need to exhibit that I would like to discuss here by taking a birth chart.

Birth details: 27.08.1981- 22.26 night, of a male native (in some of the metropolitan city of India not disclosed for matter of privacy): passing through a bad period: ...lost everything almost....

Lagna is the Significator of your individuality. My accentuation here is on lagna and the lagna Lord.

This is the combination : Mars+Moon+Rahu in Cancer sign.

The referred native is of Aries Asc. It’s Lord Mars is debilitated, placed in Cancer with Rahu and Moon.

Mars: planet of action, courage, aggression etc. debilitated. The opposite action he will do as martian individual in respect of truthfulness , purity , implementation of knowledge and learnings, dedication etc.

Rahu: Rahu stands for amplification of his action. In place of protection he will cause destruction, in place of saving wealth will spend for bad causes.

Moon: His mind very cunning devious, a snake in a bush, causing pain to others, doing all sort of vices in secrecy, cruel daring , commits to do undesirable evil works, etc

So surely he will reap his consequences for his whimsical, obstinate and bad deeds. His own self is responsible for such of his deplorable plight. He should amend his nature take the things in positive approach thinking well of others then only he can improve himself.

The present conjoint ruling period is Venus-Sat-Rahu till August 2020. Then comes Jupiter pratyuntara period which will go up till Jan,2021. In this period if he repents and pursue his job honestly , maintain good relation with others then only he can survive.

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