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Rahu in 7th House

Gopal Krishna Panigrahi
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To day my discussion is on 7 house, when Rahu posits. It may differ with zodiac sign , and placement : weak or strong. Let me say some thing about 7 house and in the present time, most powerful planet is Rahu and Ketu. Because they are in axis, and come together. I will speak on Rahu only for brevity.
7 house is for spouse, sexual feelings, partnership, other people, maraka house, foreign travel etc.
Rahu is a materliastic planet. Rahu stands for daring, leadership, intelligence, cunning, money minded, addiction, passion, unconventional feelings , arrogant, drugs, internet communication, foreign and foreigners, anti – religion , show off , psychic abilities, undiagnosable diseases, jail, murder, some times a cheater, manipulation etc.
Rahu in 7 speaks marriage/ sex relation issues, obsessed with opposite sex. Rahu in 7 may bring more than one relation in life (not sustainable), if it is afflicted. He may marry a person outside caste/ community/from distant land. When Mars, Sun or Saturn involves with 7 Rahu the relation doesn’t go long. It makes one to gain from gambling speculation lottery etc. In profession the person will have queer ideas. One will go foreign land or keep connection with foreigners for his earnings. One wants to be familiar with higher status. He wants to exhibit his individuality before others. He likes luxuriant life style. If Rahu is well placed one will be connected to camera like acting, directing etc. It may give a spouse of photogenic figure/a good businessman. In media career where internet is the source the native will be prosperous.


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