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Some facts about Rahu and Ketu

Rohit Kumar
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Rahu and Ketu do not have any home, both are shadow planet. They sit in whose zodiac sign and sit down on the same amount and start giving good or bad fruits accordingly.

Rahu does not have body, he is just a head, so it gives us mental agony. Same type Ketu does not have head, he has body, so he gives us physical pain. No matter how he is suffering. Assume that Rahu is in second sense. So he will cause mentally yearning for money. If there is Ketu then you will have more leaning towards money physically.

Rahu creates a dictator. Plans a conspiracy. Specializes in accusation. You can be a good politician and diplomatist only when your Rahu will be strong in the horoscope. Rahu's strong can be a successful person. It is. In any sense that it will be, it will create such a strategy towards that feeling.

As the person will be in the lagna, the person will be a big dictator. You can not know the words of his mind, the person becomes a vicious mind. He is expert in conspiracy. Because of the shadow of the planet, its shadow degree in your horoscope. According to the constellation, according to the zodiac sign and according to the house, according to the same way you see, in your nature, in your behavior, there will be lowlife.

The person believes only because of Rahu, Tantra-Mantra, Ghost-Ghost, crematorium, Ojha Guni etc. Rahu has a big contribution in any heinous crime of society. Murder, loot, robbery, heinous crime under conspiracy, bribery Corrupt, characterless, adulterous means can lead to every level of meanness.

Ninth Bhav Rahu also makes a religious journey. Jatak believes in religion and karma. If you sit with Saturn, he also makes you sacrifice your house. Rahu with the sun, respect, respect, honor, fame, fame, fame, fame, Maha Hathi with Mars. A stubborn person behaves like a fool. With the Guru, there is meanness in the nature without culture,

With Venus, below gives women's company and sexual disease. Due to the planet, the air factor gives as much as it gives in its Mahadasha or introspection, it also ends like a gust of wind, it does not have the stability to give.

Ketu, which causes physical agony, does not have brain. Suddenly takes decision for something, suddenly someone works. Reduces the worry of the result. Due to which sometimes it gets immense success. Shadow is the planet. The more strong in the horoscope, the more physically stubborn and stubborn you will be. You will win. You will try to increase an empire under your umbrella.

Wants to have power over everything. Thinks less, that is why sometimes he works like fools. He is physically diligent. Suddenly bhog also gives up luxury.

The feeling of physical sacrifice, hathayoga, nanga baba, samadhi taking, angdan, penance, battle of moksha, udand ketu, sometimes it has been seen in the auspicious planets in the horoscope.

If you are in the ninth bhav or twelfth bhav with the Guru, then the body sacrifices for salvation. He does religious travels. With Venus, he expresses a lot of desire for physical lust. With Mars, he makes a big stubborn fool. I The culprit becomes of trend. Makes sinner. Loses his fame because of his tricks with the sun. But the hathayogi with Saturn makes knowledgeable.

Whether it is Rahu or Ketu, both are divident planets. Both will break up. It is difficult to say from which direction they will make it happen. There can be direction and religion. Crime can also happen.


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