Corona virus astrology analysis

Corona and Planet Rahu

To day era is of technology and technology is ruled by Rahu. Rahu represents metals. Modern dress, culture, civilization, the way of living , to days materliastic expansion etc are of Rahu factor. Rahu denotes the capacity to learn especially technologies. It enables us to learn other new languages. It’s energy is extrovert. An active Rahu makes one cunning, smart, tricky, skilled in dealing external factors. Rahu is associated with these…..Daring, leading, focused very much on an objective, extreme desirous of wealth, name and fame, arrogance, non veg foods, alcohol, drug, medicine, internet communication, show off, face value, etc. It leads a subject daring , risk taking, laborious but a cheater. It makes the subject zealous – a good manipulator. It’s place is jail or Hospital means isolation from normal state. Rahu can give indifferent health, a disease difficult to diagonise, turns it to be contagious taking into the form of out break of epidemics. Generally skin born diseases it causes. Rahu always amplify the results of the planets connected with it. Rahu has both good and bad sides.

Any epidemic like swine flue, or carona the recent out burst are the causes of strong Rahu. Rahu is the cause and Ketu is the sufferings.

Today, 12.03.20, ….15.29…

Rahu transits average 3 minutes a day completes a zodiac sign normally in 18 months. Rahu and Mars connection causes serious blood related disease. Carona comes under its category.

To day Rahu is in Gemini, and Mars is in Sagittarius conjucted with Jupiter and Ketu. Being in Gemini sign , Rahu connects with Mercury. Rahu works best in airy sign like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. So here Rahu works according to its own will and qualities. So in my supposition this Rahu causes a disease related to brain defunct, bringing immediate death. Rahu gets aspect of Mars and Jupiter both.

Good and bad effects of Jupiter

Jupiter connection gives both good and bad effects. Good effects : our technology, and ability to utilise the nature of Jupiter (expansion) in a perverted form ; Bad effects : unknown disease like Carona-virus. Best preventive remedy is to abstain from alcohol and non-vegies. To follow the paths of satwa gunas. Mantra “ Ram, Rahuwe namha” let us chant as much as we can. Let us feed to birds and stray dogs daily. Spirituality is the only way that can check Rahu.


now in Aridra nakhastra, of which lord is Rahu him self. Rahu is in 10 degree in Gemini, , next star he will go to Mrigsira, of which lord is Mars. Rahu will transit to Mrigsira on 20.05.20. Rahu s power will be checked by Mars. So I feel on advent of May first week some thing in medical science to treat the victims will be invented, let us wait we will notice. I hope so. The remains of March and April will go like this tupsy and turvy, what it communicates to my mind . This I have seen in our India perspective. For other countries the longitude and latitude of that area is necessary to judge.

In corona perspective

The history of Corona virus is unknown to us. We have never heard the name earlier. It started in Mangolian countries like China and spread to other counter parts like Korea, Japan, Singapore etc. So far the satisfactory causes of the epidemic why out broken have not been invented.

Astrological dimensions and permutations

Some where around November when Jupiter entered Ketu’s Nakshatra Moola in Sagittarius and conjunct Ketu, Saturn some untoward incidents took place in the country, but it was under control. Now here we need to note two important things . Ketu’s Nakshatra is Moola and Ketu himself involved in Sagitarius sign. Saturn a planet of restriction and punishing Master checks Rahus growth in preceding months . So Rahu couldn’t harm. By then Saturn was aspecting Rahu till 23.01.20. No sooner He shifted to Capricorn on 24.01.20, the action of Rahu started forthwith. I term him a honey trapping planet.

Ketu – Disease

Now Ketu signifies incurable long term diseases or a epidemic sort of issue (uncontrollable). Because Rahu is the cause and Ketu is the result.

Jupiter – Expansion

Jupiter signifies expansion, now he is in the star of Ut. Sahada, lord being Sun. So with progression of Sun this disease can be abated. Thus the combinations of Jupiter, Ketu in the in the recent past , for their placement in their respective star formed the base of some epidemic sort of issue like Carona.

Now Mars and Jupiter are having aspect on Rahu in Gemini. Rahu is most malefic planet and when Saturn – Rahu aspect was there then things could have been under control as stated supra. Rahu/ Saturn are airy elements which spreads very fast along with being Malefic.

Planetary positions in Sagittarius

The planetary positions in Sagitarius are: jupiter (utarashada), Ketu (moola), Mars (purvashada): Sun , Ketu and Venus the star lords respectively. For this conjunction this sort of epidemic hazards are very much expected for Rahus nature in Gemini, Sun being weak to ward -off Rahus monopolisation.

Corona – Respiratory disease

The Question now comes why respiratory disease why not any other type of issue. Here we now have to use Mundane astrology. The conjunction was formed in natural 9th house of Sagittarius . The 1st house lord Mars when he was in 8th house (natural ) of Scorpio it indicated some serious disease to out break when it recedes it’s intensity by moving ahead, this serious malady swangs into action now, more acute in March. Mars moved to Sagittarius in the end of February.

Jupiter, Mars and Ketu Combination

The Planets aspecting any house shows the outcomes whereas their position becomes the source. Jupiter, Mars conjucted with Ketu here are the factors. They aspect the 3rd house, the results prominent now. For having been Rahu in it. 3rd house signifies throat, respiratory tract, upper part of chest. Gemini is owned by Mercury which again indicates skin and respiratory problems and has control over Lungs. Our capital Delhi first receives the evil effects more in intensity. Currently Ketu is in Moola thus situation is of more concern.

Sun , the significator of health and medicine has transited to Aquarius and will stay there till 14 th March , inimical sign and it will enter into Pisces on 15th March friendly sign. Sun’s transition in Pisces, being it for friends sign I hope it will bring some relax after mass destruction. Pisces (12 house: Mokshya / hospital). I mean some what the rapid expansion can be checked. We will have complete eradication in May. This is my hope…..

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