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Horoscope for the month of December’18

Aries Sign:

Last month of this year may give you some sudden and unexpected monetary gains. But you may face some hurdles from your subordinates. You may perform well in your professional life. But for that you will have to be ready for hard work and some setbacks also. You should be very careful from back biting. Even your some future planes may be paused for some times but overall you will be in profit at end of the month.
You should take care of your parents as they may suffer from some health issues. You may have to visit hospitals several times. Siblings will not give you favor as per your expectations. You shouldn’t indulge in rude and meaningless conversations with anyone as it may distract you from your aim. You may have some trips which would be related to profession and pleasure.
If you are a student, you should concentrate on your education only. You may feel a little bit distracted from your study. Auspicious Hindu Marriage dates 2019
Your married life would be very good this month. Both of you will spend very pleasing time and enjoy every moments of your life. There may be some celebration in your family this month.

Taurus Sign:

You may suffer from some health issues during this month. So take care of your health. Career wise this month is good for you. You may connect with some foreign personnel who will help you to move ahead your aspirations. If your profession is related to medical you may get some very surprising news.
Parents will enjoy good health and spend fantastic time with other family members. Siblings will give you some favour. Second half of the month would be much better.
This month will give you opportunity to prove yourself in term of personal and professional both aspects. You will bear all responsibilities very well and take care of happiness of each and every members of your network. Vastu Rectification by using Pyramids
You will have very time with your spouse. You both understand eye language of each other. This time will be continuing. Both of you will spend some personal time in and live together.

Gemini Sign:

Some good news related to your profession is waiting you. Long trips related to your profession are expected which will give new direction to your professional journey. You may have to shoulder some new responsibilities. You will get healthy atmosphere at your work place.
You may suffer from cold and cough, flu and headache during this month; all these issues are because of over travel. You should work under your body stamina and never forget about your friends and family. Try to balance your professional and personal life. Your parent’s health would be absolutely fine and they will have good time. As I can see there may be some misunderstandings in family members. You will have to put some extra efforts to short out issues. Sani in Kendra
Students will perform well in their study. They should try not to be over confident. For those who are going to face competitive exams should give finishing touch to their preparations.
Your married life may have some issues. Second half of the month may be worst. You should try to be calm and sort out all matters carefully.

Cancer Sign:

This month is not going to be very good for you. You should be very careful and not to do any stupid activity which can create problems for you. You may have to suffer from intense tension and be over loaded. You won’t be able to enjoy your professional life.
Health wise this month is good. Parent’s health would also be good. Siblings will give you unconditional favour and support. You may also get some good news from your siblings.
Students should have to put extra efforts on their study. They should avoid company of bad friends. They have guts to perform well. Chandra Mangla Yoga and Effects
Understanding with spouse will be at bottom level. Your mind will also not be in god state, your decisions may put you in danger. You should have to be calm and try to listen your partner also. You should give her or him respect. He or she deserves everything which you expect from others.

Leo Sign:

Second half of the month is going to be very good for you. Your professional efforts and activities will increase during this month and it will give you benefits. You may get transferred or change your job during second half of this month. Salaried guys may have to shoulders some extra responsibilities. Some monetary gains are also waiting you.
You will enjoy good health though out this month. Father may suffer some cold and respiratory issues. Siblings will give you full help and support. Some conflicts of thoughts are expected with father. Mother may feel a little bit uncomfortable and uneasiness. You should take care of both. Best Career option according to Vedic Astrology – Leo Ascendant
You will enjoy very harmonious and joyful relations with your spouse. Although he or she may be stubborn sometimes. You know very well how to manage things.

Virgo Sign:

Virgo natives can expect some changes in their career. You will be more energetic and enthusiastic then some previous months. You will give your best at workplace without any problems and enjoy your professional life. Your superiors will sport you. You shouldn’t do new investment as you may not be get profit.
You should be careful about your parent’s health. Siblings will be good for you. You should postpone property purchase for some time. Your health will be good.
Students should concentrate on their study only; I can see some good opportunities for you in near future. Significance of Nine planets in vedic astrology
You are an introvert guy, who don’t express himself and his feelings before others but you may be entangled some complex relations during this month. You may be jealous this month. Your spouse’s luck will also work for you. Both of you have good understanding with each other. You both will take your relationships in new heights.

Libra Sign:

This month is going to be very good in term of gains and investments. Your business will be at very good position and make huge profit for you. If you are salaried you may get some incentives and unexpected monetary gains. Travelling is also indicating. You should start implementing your future plants. This will take you on new level of success and prosperity.
Your parent’s may suffer from bad health and may visit to doctors several times. Siblings will also not give you proper help and support. Jupiter transit 2018 – Libra sign
Unmarried guys may get married or meet someone special. You knows how to take care of their partners, how to fulfill their wishes. You are emotionally very weak person and take wrong steps. You will enjoy good time with your spouse during this month.
You were struggled very much during this year, inspite of these all things you will feel very happy and comfortable in this month and your life is full of happiness and joy. Your experiences teach you a lot of during this year.

Scorpio Sign:

You may face some uncomfortable atmosphere at your workplace. Your colleagues may have some jealous feeling for you. In next coming months your career will take a positive jump ahead. You should only concentrate on your career only. Some good gains are waiting you.
Parents will enjoy good time with family and you too. Sibling will give you favour and support. There may be some clashes and hard talk among family members. Your differences with father may come on surface. Auspicious Date Calculation and Yogas
There may be lack of marital harmony and pleasure during this month. Some conflicts with spouse may arise. You will not be feeling good with her or his demands. Both of you should try to handle this time very carefully.

Sagittarius Sign:

There would be some problems in your professional life during this month. You won’t be satisfied from your profession. You should include a partner in your business, if you are not able to perform well. If you are salaried you may need help of someone else. You should be active and self motivated.
Your parents may have some travel. Health wise they would be fine. You may get good news about permanent settlement in abroad, if you are trying for long time. Siblings will be in your favour and their behavior would be good with you. Students will have to put maximum efforts to get success in your study. You may also get some positive news related to your study. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance
There may be some short of conflicts with your spouse, but they will be get resolved by end of the month. Both of you will get involved with each other. You guys should keep your ego aside while dealing with your loved ones. Ego creates conflicts and distrust which are root reasons of being parted. I would strongly recommend you to have patience and show love with your partner.

Capricorn Sign:

This month is coming with huge expenses but you need not to worry as you will also get appropriate gain but your should try to balance between income and expenses. Else it may lead to you towards bowering money from others.
Professionally this month will be good. Your colleague will support and favour you. Your all tasks will be getting executed without any big hurdle. Don’t do partnership with any one, it may harmful for you. Whoe are searching job or trying to establish their own business will start getting positive response and will taste success by end of this month or next month.
Parents will enjoy good health; you may get some monetary gain from them. Siblings will be good and do your favour. Youngsters who have completed their study will get direction of the career. You should control on your tongue and not to indulge any rude conversation with anyone. Numerology – Lucky numbers 6
You should try to control on your emotions and feelings. Relationship with spouse will not be good during this month because of distrust and not fulfilling expectations. You should be flexible like a bamboo tree and treat your partner according to situations.

Aquarius Sign:

Career wise this month is going to be incredible. You may get new opportunities which will make you prosper and strengthen your position and reputation. You may also think for relocate. Businessman will get new contract and may see hike in revenue. Over all Aquaians shall enjoy this month. TWELVE HOUSES IN ASTROLOGY
Mother’s health may cause of concern while father will be absolutely fine. Siblings will give you full support and co-operate you in every aspects. You may get injured so be careful. You should try to live also for you, as you are also a human being not a machine. You also need rest, love and spend some time with family.
Love birds may give name of their relations and they me be get married later on. Spouse will be happy with you, you too will enjoy good time with her or him. Your spouse will support you emotionally during your hard time. You can share all your problems with her or him.

Pisces Sign:

I can see some foreign connection will help you to go ahead in your profession. You may also start a new venture or job in any foreign entity. Your money may block during this month. So make new expenses with sense and take wise decisions. Otherwise you may have to borrow money. You may have to visit to faraway place or city related to professional work. You will see some very good opportunities in this month which will change your time. Second half of the month would be better. Subha Muhurat Property Purchase Dates 2019
You should beware from your near and dear; he may create problems for you. You should also take care of your parents. They may get suffered suddenly; so be prepare for any such situations. Siblings won’t give you expected favour and support. You may have to face all adversaries alone.
Relationship with spouse would be good during this month. Your spouse is humble and wise. He or she know how to make his partner happy and will do everything for you.

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