Dream before and after Marriage

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Generally people dream that after marriage they will lead a beautiful life. Before hand, if it is a love affair, then they share romantic coziness or maintain physical relation too. They are of the view that things will never go wrong. But this seldom happens in real life. The real Life is not a fairy tale. I see many people end up with dissatisfaction and separation finally.

When do problems start forth with. The fountain is your mind. Each and every problem starts from here. Some people either male or female treat their spouse badly, behaving harshly and expect what the spouse can not fulfill.

Planetary Combination for Marriage

A planet signifies marriage when it indicates 2, 7 & 11. House 2 involvement of society and family. 7th House indicates spouse / partner. House 11 fulfillment of desire. 12th from these houses indicate negation.

Venus is the natural signifactor of marriage. Some says Jupiter is karaka of marriage for female natives. I suppose Venus and Jupiter both are needed for a peaceful marriage and subsequent carrying forward the conjugal life. In Dasha Bhukti Antara any planet indicative of house group 2 7 11, makes marriage to take place.

Example Birth Chart

I will start by taking an example– birth details: Female: 15.07.1993, 05.30 AM,. Tumkur (Karnatak). The ruling DBA is Rahu-Mercury-Sun: till 21.10.19. This I took randomly from media.

Planet Venus

Venus: lord of 5 12, placed in 12 house with Moon and Ketu. It indicates love at first sight , physical relation.

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter: Lord of 7 10, placed in 4 house. Very much curious to marry, but the circumstances barring it.

Mercury combust and retrograde

Gemini lagna, Mercury lord combust and retrograde, placed in 1 house with Sun. Mercury, now going as the Antara dasha, mercury is weak. it doesn’t indicate marriage. Mercury indicates 1 3 4 7 . Strong urge and pursuation for marriage. She needs domestic peace, and pleasure, but it does not indicate for want of house 11, so the love can not be converted into marriage. Sun is the Lord of 3 house, placed there Mars. Sun is 3 lord sitting in lagna. She will try to negotiate for marriage from her side. And i fore see, still it continues wooing. The conclusion is the stage before dream of marriage.

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