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The Vasthu Sastra is the scripture containing the rules and regulations laid down by our ancient people for constructing the perfect house. The science behind it is based on the nature of the Five Elements and the Four cardinal directions.Any building constructed by following these rules will see prosperity, peace, and happiness in its abode. We have presented the important rules and a few remedies below:

Remedies for Vasthu Corner

The South-West corner or the Kanni moola of any House should be at sharp, perfect 90 degrees. This is essential for your complete well-being. If you lose sight of this important Vasthu rule, you are likely to lose sight of your wealth.

Suppose your house has perfectly perpendicular South and West walls, that is, they are at 90 degrees to each other; the compound wall should also run parallel to the house walls.

In short, the compound walls in the South and West sides should be at 90 degrees to each other. But if that is not so; suppose, in the West, the gap between the house and the compound wall comes to 3 feet.

North-West Corner

As the wall from the west reaches the North and the gap between the house and the compound wall keeps increasing finally coming to say, 3 ½ feet in the North West region, it is a disadvantage. Under no circumstances should the North West region expand in girth, compared to the other regions of the house and plot.

The increase in the size of the North-West corner of a plot will cause a rise in problems in the family life. To offset this, the walls can be constructed with more cement and split bricks to keep this corner lighter than the rest of the house.

House Corners

The next problem is more difficult to follow, but all the more important. It is always necessary to construct a building with only and only 4 corners. If you increase or decrease the number of corners of your house, it will cause problems.

Suppose you place an extra toilet under your stairs in the North West direction, then it becomes an extra addition to your building, increasing the number of building corners to 6. Alter your plans so that your building has only four corners.

Eesaanya Moola

Another important law in Vasthu that must be upheld is regarding the Eesaanya cut. It should be remedied for a smooth family life. According to Vasthu Sastra, “A house with Eesanya cut will never see a happy face”. Suppose you have a building with a pillar on the North-east corner or the Eesaanya moola.

Though the pillar is well-supported by a covering roof on the upper side, it is considered as a cut. The remedy is to build a wall on the eastern side joining with the North-East corner pillar; of maybe ¾ feet in thickness and 3 feet high.

You can even build a complete wall with a window for ventilation.Along with this, adjoining the North-East pillar on the northern side, there should be a wall of ¾ feet thickness and 3 feet in height.

If you want an entrance on that side, then maybe a full-length grill on the northern side will be good. By constructing your building this way, the growth of the Vayu moola can be avoided.

Main Entrance at North-East Corner

Another problem is regarding the main entrance gate at the Eesaanya moola or the North-East corner of the house or plot. Actually, keeping the main gate at the North-East is good.

The point of concern is regarding the pathway from the main gate to the main road. If the pathway from the main gate to the main road is not straight, it will result in accidents and financial difficulties. In fact, the son of a person living in such a house suffered a great accident involving major expenses.

The remedy is to keep the gate such a way that the path leads straight to the main road, instead of cutting it at right angles or curving wildly.

Remedies for Main Entrance

A critical question that arises when planning for the house is: where to keep the main door, the pooja room door, and the bathrooms?
1. The main entrance to your building should face any of the following directions: East, North or North-East. This main door should be bigger in size than the other doors in the building. This main door should impress with its quality, workmanship, paint and sturdiness.
2. The back door should bot come in line with the front door; I.e., the back of the house should not be viewed from the main door itself. If the back door and the main door lie in a straight line, then the good forces that enter your house through the main door will just be swept out through the back door.
3. There should not be any obstructions like trees or well in front of the main door. This will prevent the good forces from entering your household.
4. The main door should open inwards and never outwards.
5. The breadth of the main door should be half its height.
6. The doors including the main door, other doors and windows should never squeak or screech when moved. They should be well oiled and maintained. Else some ill or the other will befall the family.

Remedies for Windows

1. All the windows should be constructed on the outer walls. There should be no windows opening inside the house.
2. The bigger windows should be in the North-East walls and small windows in the South-West walls.
3. The total number of windows should add up to an even number.
4. The sunshades build atop the windows and entrance doors should be built facing the North-Est direction. By constructing in such a manner, the rain water from the South-Westerly rain will run off towards the North-East direction, which augurs well for the house inhabitants.
5. The number of windows in the East and North walls should be greater than the rest of the other walls of the house

Remedies for Bedrooms

The bedroom should be the perfect haven for the hard-working men and women to rest their mind and body. With a peaceful atmosphere, sleep will refresh and reenergize everyone to start their day anew. Hence, it is important to design the bedroom in accordance with Vasthu.
1. The bedrooms should be situated in the South-West corner of the plot, but not in the extreme corner of it.
2. When you sleep, your head should rest in the South direction. This will bring good sleep and mental well-being. Never sleep with your head in the North direction, as it will bring health problems. In our rituals, the dead are laid with their head in the North direction. Hence, the North direction is associated with mental issues and health problems.
3. The bedroom should not be filled with bright lights. It is important to design the bedroom in such a way the lights are mellow and pleasing to the senses.
4. The master bedroom should be located in the South-West corner of the house.
5. The bed should not be placed under any beam running across the ceiling. This will bring ill-health.
6. You should not keep statues of Gods and Goddesses, however devout you may be. Instead, you can hang pictures of nature, temples, babies or flowers.
7. There should not be any images of running water in the bedroom. There should be no fish tank or aquarium in the bedroom.

Remedies for Kitchen

For the kitchen, the South-East is considered as the ideal location. According to Vasthu, it is the residing place of Agni or the Fire God. Hence the South-East corner of the House or plot is also called as the Agni moola of the House.
1. You should never design your kitchen to be in the North-Est corner of your house. It will destroy the happiness, love, and prosperity in the family. It will bring health problems and fights among the family members.
2. Similarly, the kitchen should never be placed in the South-West corner of the house. This will affect the well-being of the family head.
3. The waste-water pipes from the kitchen should flow out into the open in the east or north directions of the house.
4. Toilet or pooja room should not come next to the kitchen.
5. You should face North or East direction while cooking in the kitchen.

Remedies for Pooja Room

1. The Pooja room should come in the North-East direction or the North-East corner of the house. Even if you want to construct a temple like pooja room, it should be located in the North-East corner.
2. The Pooja room should never be located inside any Bedroom.
3. The Pooja room should never be constructed in the basement.
4. The Pooja room should be used only for devotional purposes. It should never be used as a store room or anything.
5. Do not keep photos of dead elders inside your Pooja room.
6. It is best to keep the deity pictures facing West; You should pray facing the East direction.
7. Instead of keeping heavy idols in your pooja room, pray to deity images. Especially, never keep heavy idols in the North-East corner of your house.
8. Never keep smuggled idols from ancient temples inside your Pooja room.
9. Do not keep your deity images hanging directly from the Pooja walls. Instead, leave some gap between the pictures and the wall.

Remedies for Bathroom

1. The bathrooms should ideally be located in the North-West and North directions of the house.
2. The toilet commodes should be fitted in the South-North direction.
3. Never keep bathrooms in the North-East direction. The North-East corner is the location for wealth.
4. If placing mirrors in the bathroom, you can place them facing the North and East directions.
5. Do not use dark or black tiles for bathrooms. Use light colored tiles instead.
6. The floor of the toilet or bathroom should slope down towards the East or North direction.

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