Effect of Saturn in different house – Lat Kitab

Effect of Saturn in first house according to Lal Kitab

The first home is affected by the Sun and Mars. In the first house, Saturn will give good results only when there are no enemies of Saturn in the third, seventh or tenth house. If, Mercury or Venus, Rahu or Ketu, are in the seventh house, then Saturn will always give good results. If Saturn is of lowly and the person has more hair in the body, then the person will be poor. If Jatak celebrates his birthday then there will be very bad results though the person will live long.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Save yourself from alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
(2) Bury Surma in the ground for profit in job and business.
(3) Serve monkeys for happiness and prosperity.
(4) Offering sweet milk on the roots of the banyan tree will get positive results in education and health.

Effect of Saturn in second house according to Lal Kitab

Jatak will be wise, kind and judge. He will enjoy wealth and will be of religious nature. Whether Saturn is high or low, this result will depend on the planet sitting in the eighth house. The financial status of the person will depend on the planet located in the seventh sense. The number of male members in the family will depend on the sixth house and age of eighth. When Saturn is low in this sense, then his in-laws will be upset after marriage.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Visit the temple barefoot for 43 days continuously.
(2) Apply curd or milk tilak on your forehead.
(3) Feed milk to snake.

Effect of Saturn in third house according to Lal Kitab

Saturn gives good results in this house. This house is the sure home of Mars. When Ketu sees this house of his, Saturn sitting here gives great results. Jatak is healthy, intelligent and very simple. If the person is rich, then the number of male members in his house will be less. The result will be reverse in the condition of being poor. If the person stays away from alcohol and vegetarian, he will enjoy a long and healthy life.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Serve three dogs.
(2) Distribute eye medicines for free.
(3) Keeping darkness in a room at home will be very beneficial

Effect of Saturn in fourth house according to Lal Kitab

This gesture is the house of the moon. So Saturn gives matching results in this gesture. The person will be dedicated to his parents and will live with love. When ever the person is sick, the things related to the moon will be beneficial. A person from the family of Jatak will be related to the medical department. When Saturn is in a low level, then work like drinking alcohol, killing snakes and laying the foundation of the house at night gives very bad results. Drinking milk at night is also bad.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Give milk to snake or feed milk rice to a cow or buffalo.
(2) Add milk to a well and do not drink milk at night.
(3) Add rum in moving water.

Effect of Saturn in fifth house according to Lal Kitab

This gesture is the house of the sun. Which is the enemy of Saturn. Jatak will be arrogant. The person should not build a house for 48 years, otherwise his son will have trouble. He should stay in the house his son made or bought. The person should keep things related to Jupiter and Mars in his ancestral house, it will help his children. If the person has more hair in his body, then the person will be dishonest.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Distribute salty things on son’s birthday.
(2) Distribute one part of almonds in the temple and bring the other part and keep it in the house.

Effect of Saturn in sixth house according to Lal Kitab

If the work related to Saturn is done at night, there will always be beneficial results. If it happens after 28 years of marriage then you will get good results. If Ketu is in good condition, Jatak enjoys money, beneficial travelers and children’s happiness. If Saturn is of low, it is harmful to bring things related to Saturn like leather, iron etc. especially when Saturn is in the sixth rate in the yearfall.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Nourish a black dog and feed him.
(2) Pour coconut and almonds in river or flowing water.
(3) Snake service will be beneficial for children’s welfare.

Effect of Saturn in seventh house according to Lal Kitab

This house is affected by Mercury and Venus, both are Saturn’s friends. So Saturn gives great results in this house. Saturn related business like machinery and iron work will be very beneficial. If the person has a good relationship with his wife, he will be rich and prosperous and enjoy good health with long life. If Jupiter is in the house first, then it will benefit from the government. If the person becomes adulterous or starts drinking alcohol then Saturn becomes mean and harmful. If the person marries after 22 years, then his vision has adverse effect.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Fill sugar in a flute and bury it in a deserted place like forest etc.
(2) Serve the black cow.

Effect of Saturn in eighth house according to Lal Kitab

No planet is considered auspicious in the eighth house. Jatak will live long but his father’s age is short and the brothers of Jatak become enemies one by one. This house is considered to be the headquarters of Saturn, but if Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are low in the horoscope of Jatak, Saturn will give bad results.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Keep a square piece of silver with you.
(2) Pour milk in the water while bathing and take a bath while sitting on a stone or wooden seat.

Effect of Saturn in ninth house according to Lal Kitab

Jatak will have three houses. Jatak will be a successful travel operator (tour operator) or civil engineer. He will enjoy a long and happy life as well as the parents of Jatak will also enjoy a happy life. Three generations of Saturn located here will save from the side effects of Saturn. Saturn will always give good results if Jatak helps others. Jatak will have a son, though he will be born late.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Pour rice or almonds in flowing water.
(2) Jupiter related (gold, saffron) and moon related (silver, fabric) work will give good results.

Effect of Saturn in tenth house according to Lal Kitab

This is Saturn’s own place, where Saturn will give good results. The person will continue to enjoy wealth and wealth, until he does not build a land. The person will be ambitious and the person will enjoy the benefit from the government. The person should work cleverly and sit in one place and work only then he will get benefits and happiness from Saturn.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Visit the temple everyday.
(2) Avoid alcohol, meat and eggs.
(3) Feed ten blind people.

Effect of Saturn in eleventh house according to Lal Kitab

The fate of the person will be determined in the forty-eight years of his age. The person will never remain childless. Jatak will earn money from cleverness and deceit. Saturn will give good or bad results according to the situation of Rahu and Ketu.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Drop oil or wine drops on the ground for 43 days before starting any important work.
(2) Don’t drink alcohol and keep your moral character right.

Effect of Saturn in twelfth house according to Lal Kitab

Saturn gives good results in this house. There will be no enemies of Jatak. He will have many homes. His family and business will grow. He will be very rich. However, if the person drinks alcohol, eats meat or light in the dark room of his house, Saturn will be low.

Solutions | Remedies:

(1) Tie twelve almonds in a black cloth and fill it in an iron vessel and keep it in a dark room will get good results.

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