Effects of Lunar Eclipse on 27th July 2018

Lunar eclipse July 2018 effects on zodiac signs

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Lunar Eclipse on 27th July 2018

Month of July will witness two most important astronomical events; first one will be Solar Eclipse on 13th July which will not be visible in India, and another one will be lunar eclipse on 27th July 2018. It would be lengthiest lunar eclipse of the century. It will start from 11:47pm on 27th July 2018 to 03:49am on 28th July 2018. Moon will become dark red (blood Moon) at 01:52am and will remain till 02:43. It will last till 3 hours and 55 minutes. The biggest lunar eclipse of the last century was in 26 July 1953 and it’s duration was 5 hours and 27 minutes. During this eclipse blood moon could be seen till 101 minutes.

Lunar Eclipse July 2018 Effect

The bold moon in this lunar eclipse will start in last two ghati (48 minutes) in uttrashada nakshtra and remain till approximately eight ghati (165 minutes) in shrawan nakshra. So this eclipse will be slayer for those natives who took birth in last two ghati of in uttrashada nakshtra and first quadrant in shrawan nakshtra. This eclipse will be very slayer for especially natives of Capricorn nakshtra.  It will also create some troublesome situations for some VIPs and rulers. During this eclipse Mars, Moon and Ketu is sitting in Capricorn sign in under direct aspect of Sun, Rahu and Mercury. Saturn is sitting in sixth house from Rahu, Sun and Mercury and being main cause for politicians and rulers. Effects Of Retrograde Mars For Each Ascendant – 2018

There are huge possibilities for natural disaster in the country and civilians will suffer. Moon is under aspect and in conjunction of malefic planets will create problems for politicians of the country some of the may be punished by court and some may be face defame. Some part of the country will face drought like situations.

Some important events during this lunar eclipse:

Penumbral Eclipse begins            27 Jul, 22:44:47

Partial Eclipse begins                     27 Jul, 23:54:27

Full Eclipse begins                          28 Jul, 01:00:15

Maximum Eclipse                           28 Jul, 01:51:44

Full Eclipse ends                              28 Jul, 02:43:11

Partial Eclipse ends                        28 Jul, 03:49:00

Penumbral Eclipse ends               28 Jul, 04:58:38

Aries Sign:

This lunar eclipse will bring good news and time for Aries born native. Long pending issues will get resolved. You may get new job or promotion in existing job. If you are a businessman you may start a new project or gain huge profit. You will make new immovable assets as well as liquid cash.  Jupiter’s transit effect on Aries sign – 2018

Taurus Sign:

You should learn to control on your feelings. You shouldn’t accept others interference in your work not you should interfere in others work. You should act in considering reputation of your family in society; your one wrong step can ruin your family’s reputation in the society.

Gemini Sign:

You will suffer from others. Your neighbour, relatives are waiting good time to insult you. You should take care of your health, visit to doctor and take proper medications. This time is not very favourable for your health.

Cancer Sign:

You should take care of your siblings. This is the best time to show your feelings towards others. Until unless you won’t show your emotions to others how will they get to know how much you love others. You should especially take care of your spouse. Don’t ignore her health issues. Sasa Yoga – Raja Yoga by Saturn

Leo Sign:

You will get other’s support. You will enjoy your increasing popularity. If you are in politics, you will enjoy huge success. Suddenly you will get fame and money from your work.

Virgo Sign:

You will be suffering from unknown fear. Relationships will be at bottom due to your tongue. You should be careful about your health. Some issues may arise in your personal and professional life. Best Career option according to Vedic Astrology – Virgo Ascendant

Libra Sign:

Don’t keep negative thoughts in your mind and try to be positive; it will help you to remain calm. You should read good literatures. Be someone’s company at the moments of depression.

Scorpio Sign:

Your name and fame will touch new heights, but you will suffer from unknown fear. Long pending work will get finished. You will get success in competitive exams and get a new job if you are unemployed for long period. Yearly Horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius Sign

Sagittarius Sign:

You should take extra precautions while money transaction. You will be full of emotions. If you are a lender; your may face difficulties to get your money back. It may be blocked for some period.

Capricorn Sign:

This lunar eclipse is very inauspicious for you; try not to go out of home during eclipse and chant mantra of your ishta dev. You should avoid to take risk in your personal and professional life; and take care your health.

Aquarius Sign:

This eclipse will give you monetary profits; but at the same time you may be get cheated due to your emotional nature. This may have bad impact in your reputation.  You should take care of your soul mate. Numerology Number 5 Life Path Number 5

Pisces Sign:

You may get promotions or new contract and will get favour and support from government authorities. This eclipse is very good for you in term of professional and personal point of view.


Natives who born in Uttrashada and Shrawan nakshtra should not see this eclipse it’s very inauspicious for them. They should chant mantra of their isht dev on the bank holy river and offer donations to needy peoples.


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