Finding Homosexuality in Vedic Astrology

Some times the enthusiasts put absurd questions like : why in them developed homosexuality ? I took it a challenge to answer him. As we know Rahu is a planet which defies conventional norms, leading to innovation or perversion or aberration. We are mostly influenced by Rahu. Rahu provides new solutions. Homosexual individuals are forced to live without the company of opposite sex gender. This is my first dealings on homosexuality case. I submit herewith my findings in few lines.

Sample Chart Analysis Homosexuality

Birth details: 20.03.1992, 08.34 AM, 12N58, 77E35

Moon sign: Virgo : female, Sun sign Pisces :female, and Asc sign Aries : male. Gender sign of Asc lord is Mars: Male. The Asc lord mars is placed in Aquarius with Venus. The gender sign of Aquarius is male. Jupiter (male)aspects Lagna and Rahu. Jupiter is 12 lord, the house of sex. Rahu gets the energy from Jupiter in sex matter. It means 50-50 masculine and Feminine. So you display both qualities. So in spite of good knowledge this method is unacceptable to our society you resort to this modulation.

Preferring Homosexuality

Due to physical or mental deficiency for sexual relationship. Or not getting female companion. The 3 lord Mercury combust and retrograde and debilitated. The absurdity of 3 house according to my consideration instils fear in the mind to conduct the sexual act as full grown male, despite possessing the physical ability. So you might have preferred gay relationship. It may be so, you avoid sex with female counter part for nerve weakness in a fear you may not satiate. Your Venus is afflicted by Mars connection in Saturn sign, in 11 house, the badhaka, I think there may have hormonal deficiency in your body.

Venus+Mars produces burning desire for sex, in unnatural way in Aquarius sign. This is my opinion.

It may be noted that in some countries homosexuality is legally accepted. But not in India.

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