GEMINI and AQUARIUS suffering the MOST now

Every event in our life is the result of our running dasha and transits of planets in different bhavas and over natal planets. Dasha result is based on our Lagna chart and transits result is based on our Moon chart.

Why Dasha is calculated on our natal Moon?

Only because Moon is our astral body carrying various good and bad karmas from our unlimited births. Also Moon is the store house of all our past life desires.

Whatever may be the transits but no event in our life is possible without the signature of Dasha lord and whatever may be the Dasha but no event is possible without the transits.

This is just an introduction . Today our topic is transit of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn . Saturn gives long lasting effect in the life. Big turning points always expected in this transit. This is the planet of reality so everybody comes down to earth within this 2 and half years. Jupiter increase and decrease the sources of finance so his transit also matters most.

Which are the signs most affected now ?

This is the main question of today.

Always remember that Saturn in his transit will give the result as per Lagna. In different Lagnas Saturn carry different portfolios. So Saturn will give preference to his main portfolios. For example Saturn in transit will give total opposite results in Taurus Lagna and Cancer Lagna. The best and the worst.

Saturn and Jupiter both are worst when passing through 8th and 12th house. Transit more disturbs mind so Capricorn Saturn and Jupiter will more affect Gemini and Aquarius Moon sign and Capricorn Sun in 2020/2021 if Dasha also running bad. If Dasha is good then result will not be so bad. Also if Saturn is benefic as per Lagna then also nothing to be worried.

Following result is likely for Gemini and Aquarius Moon and for those whose birth is between 15 January to 15 February during 2020 and 2021.

Loss of job or salary cut , unwanted transfer, loss in business and problems in target achievement, increase of debts and emi problems, hard work and less returns , break in relationship if any, tensions in married life or ill health of spouse, unexpected expenses after parents health issues, dirty politics in office, frustration and lack of peace , tensed relations with neighbors, unnecessary quarrels in the office. Financial stress will be the main result.

Such incidents will be more likely on Saturdays and when Moon will be in Cancer and Capricorn .

To control the bad effect of Saturn, reciting of Hanuman Chalisa 3 times daily and 21 times on Saturday is best solution.

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