Horary Astrology – Detailed Discussion

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My obeisance at the feet of Guru before opening up this Astrology discussion. My Guru: this universe, this nature, all living beings all , all erudite persons who have no proudness in their mind for their acquisition of any material objective be it wealth or knowledge or power or any thing like that, to them again I pay my deep regards from my core of heart. Some body has asked me who is your Guru, to them this reply is.

What is Horary?

Horary is an astrology form , an ancient branch of horoscopic astrology in which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the astrologer. This is one art of predicting events from the position of heavenly bodies , the signs, the houses in the instant chart from the particular day.

Genuine or Cheater

To day my discussion will go around how to know a person is genuine or a cheater. In Kp system cheating we can know from significance of house 3 5 8 12 through the cusp sub Lord of 3 8 12 houses; if two of them at least signify the same houses with Saturn or Mercury appearing as star or sub in the co ruling planets. Suppose one person makes his self aggrandisement by posting soft ware copies with words like “….the quarrent came with such and such question, and I predicted this and that it came true……..”. To know such a person we can not have his birth details but can predict through this sublime predictive method Horary.

Quarrent Self

Random number : 1 6 9.
Date : 13.04.20.
Time: 12.18.46 .hour.
Place: Jeypore South Odisha.


Lagna 03 degree, in Sagittarius, Ketu and Moon.
Capricorn : Jupiter 01, Sat 07, Mar 15.
Pisces : Mer 09, Sun 29.
Taurus : Venus 14
Gemini: Rahu 08 degree.
Mercury and Jupiter are debilitated.

Ruling Planets:

Day lord : Moon.
Asc.sign lord: Jupiter.
Asc Nakhastra Lord: Ketu.
Asc Sub Lord : Sun.
Moon sign Lord : Jupiter.
Moon Nakhastra Lord : Ketu.
Moon sub Lord : Saturn.

Sun Moon Jupiter Saturn and ketu. We see Jupiter and Ketu appear twice in the analogy. All planets are direct. We will have to include Rahu , for it being aspected by Moon a RP of the group. So the planets are:

Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn , Rahu and Ketu

Moon is the mind . So in the prashana chart the mind of the quarrent can be known from the position of the moon and the nature of the question. Generally the Moon , or its star lord or its sub lord occupies or owns the house/s under the question or Moon is connected with the house/s.

The question is on the person , can he be relied upon a genius one? Why not I be, if I advertise my self ostensibly that I am a renowned astrologer getting acknowledgement all over the world. I am a man down to earth. I strongly confide on the supreme power of Almighty. I feel if death comes it will be a boon for me to get deliverance from this worldly miseries. Yesterday I encountered such person. On him this my discussion is. Because I don’t like offend him,not mentioning his name. I respect to every one, and you all respected friends would know from his reaction.

Moon position:

Moon is in Sagitarius with Ketu. Moon degree 9, Ketu 8 very close connection. Sagittarius is first house. Moon is in Ketu star , Saturn sub. Ketu is in Ketu star and Merc sub.

Moon: 1 8.
Ketu: 1 2 3 4 5 8 12.
Sat: 1 2 3 4 5 12.
Ketu: 1 2 3 4 5 8 12.
Mercury: 3 4 7 9 10.

The cusps are 3 8 12. 3 is self advertising, 8 the knowledge of this science and 12 duping the people. Here Ketu is signifying all these, Ketu is a stigma. Ketu is found in RP, so we find the question is genuine to be discussed in the platform.

3 Cuspal sub lord is Rahu, 8. Saturn, and 12 Venus. Rahu-Rah-Jup. Sat-Sun- Ket. Ven-Moo-Jup. One may notice only Venus is not appearing in the RP. And other planets are appearing. Rahu ,Ketu Saturn are negative planets and Malefics.

Let me speak in brief the karkatuwa of these planets.

Sun: Ego, forcing ones authority over others.
Moon: Mind.
Jupiter: knowledge, reputation.
Venus: ornamentanization.
Saturn : Falsehood.
Rahu: Jugglery brain, confusion creater.
Ketu : Fantasy.


Sun : 4 7 9 10.
Moon : 1 8
Jupiter: 1 2 3 4 5 12
Venus: 6 11
Sat: 1 2 3 4 5 12.
Rahu: 4 7 8 9 10.
Ketu: 1 2 3 4 5 8 12.

Venus doesn’t act as star lord for other planet. So strong. Rahu and Ketu posit in their star so strong. They are also appearing in RP. Venus is not appearing in the RP so we may discard. Let us discuss .

Sun acts as star lord of 2 6 cusp and sub of 1 cusp.
Moon: star lord of 10 and sub of 4.
Saturn: star lord of 4 8 12 and sub of 2 8 11.
Rahu : star lord 3 11 and sub of 3.
Ketu : as star lord of 1 5 9 cusp.

Sun :

He is the star lord of 2 and 6 cusp. 2 is for liquid cash. And 6 is his labour. Sun is the sub lord of 1 cusp. So the main intention of the person under question is his deployment in the media is to earn money through ego, forcing his fake authority over others, showing he is the only KP knowing person. Sun signifying houses : 4 7 9 10 . These houses confirm his intention. (4 9) = his knowledge , (7) = public , (10)= creation of his position in the platform.

Moon :

Star lord of 10, and sub of 4. His mind is after in creating a position in the platform and therefore exhibits his preliminary learning (4).


He is the sub lord of 9 . Jupiter shows he is skilled in astrology knowledge, practically nothing , because he doesn’t hold the position of star lord for any of the cusp. Jupiter signifies 1 2 3 4 5 12. His attempt ((1 3 ), for getting money (2) with software language and it’s content of prediction (5) will face with rejection (12).


He is the star lord of 4 8 12 cusp. The events Saturn shows 4 (property of high value), 8 (astrology as the source of income ), 12 ( attempt to reach a dremy and futile horizon ). Saturn is the sub Lord of 2 8 11. The soul aim is money (2 11) this astrology science (8). He wants to exploit this divine science for his own self interest , which ultimately will prove a disastrous and bring a catastrophic result. As like this chini virus Covid 19. You all know this all happened due unethical practices brushing aside the nature and paying disregards to the creator of this universe. Saturn signifying houses 1 2 3 4 5 12 . But now his effort (1 3), money (2), his speculative idea (5) will see out right refusal (4 12).


It is the star Lord of 3 11 cusp. His manipulative brain is Rahu , shows he is very much forward in creating illusion among the people and they have acknowledged (3 11). Rahu is the sub Lord of 3 . He creates such illusion. Rahu signifying houses : 4 7 8 9 10. His astrological knowledge (4 8 9) and public image (7 10). It happens now. May be his Rahu appearing as co ruling planets in Dasha period ie in harness.

Ketu :

Ketu is for fanatical knowledge. Ketu is the star Lord of 1 5 9. Native has a queer knowledge to misguide others.

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