Importance of Rahu in Astrology

In Indian Vedic astrology, Rahu is also known as the elusive planet and is mainly considered as the factor of Rahu elusive students and elusive powers. Additionally, Rahu’s unthinkable thoughts, unthinkable and suddenly out of mouth, in moments of huge profit or harmful areas like gambling, lottery, horse races, internet and so on. It is considered to be the factor of many other businesses and sectors.

This is the only planet in the new planets that can make a person a millionaire, billionaire or even poor in the shortest time and that is why this planet is known as the elusive planet.

If talking about today’s era, the people who run some simple-looking websites on the internet a few years ago didn’t even know that in a short time those websites would become millionaire or billionaire. It’s the planet to make some people rich overnight through a lottery or a game show on television.

In other factors of Rahu, fields like lottery and stock markets, scientists and especially those scientists who suddenly become famous worldwide through some of their new inventions, business related to the internet and people who do it, Software sector and people connected, tobacco trade and intake, diplomat, politicians, ambassadors, air drivers, people going abroad, strangers, thieves, prisoners, drug traders, cleaners, computer programmers, thugs, Cheater, birds and especially crows, in-laws and especially father-in-law and brother-in-law, electricity workers, garbage pickers, one eye-seeing people and so on other types The area and the people come.

Rahu’s special effect can make a person knower of other powers and can also make some kind of miraculous or magician. Wizards who shock people by showing their magic tricks on different platforms in the world are usually under the special influence of this planet and black magic are also under the special influence of Rahu.

Rahu’s strong influenced people are usually heavy on the people of Mercury in conversation or debate and in the middle of the debate, they bring up some such things or new facts that make their fight heavier, though In most of the cases, later they themselves wonder how they found the right thing on the occasion.

It is usually due to the illusion of Rahu Maharaj that when the chance comes, the person also says such things which are not known by himself and suddenly comes out of his mouth.

Rahu is a shadow planet and Rahu represents the air element in human body.

For the calculations of astrologers, a class of astrologers considers them as male planet, while another class of astrologers consider them as female planet. Shubh Rahu’s strong effect in the horoscope can make the horoscope holder travel abroad and make him know one or more foreign languages.

Due to the weakness of Rahu in the horoscope or under the influence of a bad planet, the person may face sudden losses and problems in his life. Even after earning a lot of money, such people are not generally able to store it or make property from that money because their earned money is spent at the same time.

The effect of inauspicious planets on Rahu can cause the horoscope holder to suffer from mental illnesses, insomnia diseases, bad dreams problems, skin diseases and many other diseases.

Rahu’s auspicious-unlucky situation in Kundli

In the horoscope, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are the owner of lagna bhav, then Rahu can give auspicious result. Rahu is a friend of these planets.

If a person’s horoscope is the owner of Sun, Moon, Mars or Moon, then Rahu can get inauspicious results. Rahu is the enemy of these planets.

Rahu gives auspicious result in the third, sixth and eleventh bhav in the horoscope.

Rahu gives normal results in lagna, pancham, ninth, tenth.

Gives medium result in second and seventh sense. Rahu located in the fourth, eighth and twelfth bhav is unlucky. It is necessary to see if Rahu friend is in the zodiac sign of the planet or in the zodiac sign of the enemy.

Result of Rahu located in the horoscope: Generally, due to the friendship of Saturn, Venus and Mercury, Rahu is auspicious and the lagnaesh of Sun, Moon, Mars and Moon is a problem with the enemy, but Rahu’s feeling is a problem. This has special importance. Rahu is best fruitful in the third, sixth and eleventh bhav in the horoscope and is also good in the lagna, pancham, ninth, dasham, medium in second and seventh but Rahu located in fourth, eighth and twelfth bhavas is bad. But it is necessary to see if Rahu friend is in the zodiac sign of the planet or in the zodiac sign of the enemy.

Auspicious effects of Rahu

The person whose horoscope Rahu is powerful, he is a strong nature and a strong mind.

The person follows his religion while sitting in the auspicious place of Rahu in the horoscope.

Rahu’s positive influence has amazing miraculous power in a human being and he finds a new path of spirituality.

When Rahu is in the auspicious place, a person becomes religious, a believer and fame and respectful as well.

Inauspicious effects of Rahu

In the inauspicious influence of Rahu, the person becomes a victim of bad habits like lies, deception, deceit and hypocrisy.

In the negative influence of Rahu, the person becomes characterless and he consumes mass-alcohol.

In the evil influence of Rahu, a man makes conspiracy to disturb others.

In the bad effect of Rahu, the person becomes unrightened and does not follow his religion.

Rahu does not give completely inauspicious result. Hence, its result in the horoscope depends on the price. If Rahu is sitting in the auspicious place in the horoscope, then he will get a positive result. But if Rahu is sitting in the inauspicious and enemy place, then the person has to suffer many difficulties.

Rahu and Surya-This yoga makes a person’s eyes weak. The person may face problems in relation to the father.

Rahu and Chandra-Due to this yoga, the person may have mental problems, headache, eye disease. These people are more successful away from home. This eclipse is also known as defect and there is tension due to it.

Rahu and Mangal-This yoga remains inauspicious for brother. The enemy is afraid of conspiracy. Blood disorders and blood pressure can be a problem. This is also called Angark Yoga. If this alliance is in the fifth bhav, then the person knows the secret knowledge.

Rahu and Budh-This yoga can cause a person to have a head related disease. Such a person considers himself smart and considers others as a fool.

A person gets a long life when Rahu and Guru have yoga in Rahu and Guru-Kundali, but their life problems remain forever. These people make a lot of trips.

By the coalition of Venus with Rahu and Shukra-Rahu, a person can become a victim of wrong habits. With this yoga, a person can do intoxication, gambling, crime and other religious works. A person has a lot of courage which is harmful. Rahu ends the auspicious effect of Venus. If a person with Venus goes towards religion with Rahu and his horoscope is of Pisces, then he achieves a high level of success in the system.

Rahu and Shani-Those who have Rahu with Shani in their horoscope are mysterious. These people make more money than secret actions. Hide a big part of their earnings from the government. If this alliance remains in the seventh house, then there is no harmony with the life partner.

Measures to calm down Rahu – Many astrological measures have been described to calm Rahu, among which the most miraculous is Rahu Shanti Tabeez. Also, you can reduce Rahu’s evil effects by Rahu Yantra and Rahu Yantra Tabiz.

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