Importance of Temple and it’s placement in Vastu

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Temple and it’s placement in Vastu Shastra

Everyone does worship of the God daily by chanting his mantra, Strotra bhajans or doing meditation before him in his home. Generally people keep idols or calendar of God or Goddess in almira or in a dedicated place like wooden temple in the home. Placement of temple affects so much in our subconscious mind. The flow of energy definitely needs to be appraised and tuned. There isn’t much fuss here; just a few simple steps for the positive energy to flow into your home. If direction of temple if right it give is peace of mind, open new doors of success and prosperity and if it placed in unfavorable direction in the home it dwell us in the well of uneasiness, anxiety, disease, debt trap and unsuccessful in the life.

Vastu Shastra Hindu system of architecture

Let us discuss positive and negative impact of placement of the temple in our home and also how it transform positively and negatively in our life.

Direction of the temple & our facing while worshiping:

Ideally temple should be kept in North East direction of the house, some other auspicious directions are North, East and West to keep temple. The best position of the pictures and Idols of God or Goddess should face the West Direction and the person offering prayers should face the East Direction, alternatively we can also do worship of God while facing west direction so in this situation face of idol would be in the East direction.

We should avoid keeping the heavy idols or Gods in the temple of the house it’s height shouldn’t be more than 6 inch. As per Vastu it is best recommended to have pictures of Gods instead keeping idols, because we should have to be follow rules strictly of properly worship, bhog  and aarti daily on time if we have idols of the God in our temple. Raja Yoga by Saturn

Effects of temple in each direction:

  1. North: Temple in North direction opens doors of new opportunities and help to generate wealth. Lord of this direction is Kuber. One should put idol of Kuber inside the temple’s North side.
  2. NNE: Temple in the North North East direction is good in term of health, immunity and healing. Family members have good presence of mind and head of the family has good communication skills and solution proveider of all problems.
  3. NE: This is most perfect direction to have temple because lord of this direction is Jupiter. People of the home have clear vision and they live spiritual life. Family members enjoy good health and feel themselves and fit and fine. Colour combination should keep of mind during planning temple in North- East direction.
  4. ENE: East North East direction gives happiness, get together with friends and family. If temple is placed in this direction members of the family’s have very sharp mind they grasp things very easily. They try to create or invent new things every moment.
  5. East: Temple of the East direction gives excellent management skills. There should be an idol of Indra in the temple. Family members are very social and jovial.
  6. ESE: Temple in the East South East direction makes natives’ of the family serious, peace loving and calm. They but if clutters are in this direction and any cut or extend is there then they me be very much serious, they are unable to churn their though process in right way they may feel anxiety as they enter inside the home.
  7. SE: This is not a good direction to have temple. But if anyone has temple then he should paint it by red colour. No water element or colour should be in this direction. If temple is in the kitchen or bedroom due to lack of space then there should be curtain around temple and it should be closed when not praying.  Best Career option to Pisces Ascendant
  8. SSE: Main attribute of this zone is confidence and temple in this zone effects on his confidence and inspirations. He needs someone’s help to push him up.
  9. South: This direction is good to pet picture of Lord Hanuman with Gada but temple is not considered auspicious in this direction. Lord of this direction is Aryama, picture of forefathers is good in this direction. This zone gives fame, relaxation, social reputation and recognition, if properly balanced.  14 Vastu and Feng Shui tips for peaceful and happy life
  10. SSW: South South West direction is worst area to keep temple, this zone is for wastage. If anyone has temple in this zone his expenses remains very high always. He has to manage funds every time to meet out his expences.
  11. SW: Less inauspicious zone in comparison to SSW. But I won’t suggest having temple in this direction. If this direction is properly balanced then family members will enjoy timely marriage, good relationship, and harmonious married life. There would be strong bonding among all members of the family. My personal experience with my clients to have delay and obstacles in the marriage due to placement of temple in this direction. Yearly Horoscope 2018 Aries Sign
  12. WSW: We can put temple in this zone but facing of the idols should be east. We should keep picture of Maa Saraswati in this zone because main attribute of this direction is education, repetition and knowledge. If this zone is properly balanced then family has good savings of funds for future expenses. Numerology Number 5
  13. West: Temple in West direction gives handsome gains and income. He gets early loan approvals from banks and other financial institutions; if properly balanced.
  14. WNW: This direction is less auspicious for temple; family members feels heaviness and overloaded from responsibilities and remain in depression like satiations.
  15. NW: Temple in North West direction is good. It gives support and help from others. Any water elements should not be in this zone. We should keep this zone clutter free and clean. Best Vastu Sastra Tip for Home
  16. NNW: If anyone wants to get attention from others and want good and happy married life then he should keep temple in this direction. People attracts easily towards him and never forget him even they meet him after long time.

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