Jaimini Astrology Introduction

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Jaimani astrology is as old as vedic astrology propounded by by Jaimamni Rishi. Very interesting to read it. The discussion is on second marriage. I deem it elaborative, unless I describe the principles common viewers can not perceive it easily.

The Characteristics of Jaimini Astrology are as follows:

1) Mahadasas.

Jaimini uses rasi mahadasas (sign mahadasas), in contrast to the graha (planetary) mahadasas used in Parasari astrology. The charmahadasa is taken into consideration.

2) Special Aspects.

In Jaimini astrology, signs, not planets, cast aspects. Fixed signs aspect cardinal signs and cardinal signs aspect fixed signs (except for adjacent signs). Mutable signs aspect each other.

3) The use of padas.

Padas are indicators in the signs. The best way to explain a pada is to illustrate it. Here we are looking for the 2nd marriage. The marriage pada in yourv chart is the seventh house the marriage house in a standard chart. You have a Leo ascendant. Aquarius is the seventh house in this chart. The ruler of the seventh house is therefore Saturn. Saturn is in the sign Libra. This sign is nine signs away from 7th house. We then count nine signs from Libra to get the pada for marriage matters. Thus, the sign Gemini and it’s lord Mercury is the marriage indicator for your chart. Mercury is in 5th house and owns house No 2 11.

4) The extensive use of karakas.

There are karakas in Parasara astrology, but these are based on certain natural karakas of the planets. For example, Venus is the natural karaka for marriage and Mars is the karaka for brothers. However, in Jaimini astrology, the karakas can be any of the planets. (I choose to follow Mr. Rao in choosing to exclude the North and South Lunar Node — Rahu and Ketu — as Jaimini karakas for most purposes. There are seven karakas which are judged in terms of the planet which is highest in degree to that which is lowest in degree, regardless of sign placement. The karakas are, in descending order: The atma karaka (the indicator of self), The amatya karaka (the indicator of career); The bhatri karaka (the indicator of siblings and father); The matri karaka (the indicator of mother and education); The putri karaka (the indicator of children, intelligence and creativity); The gnati karaka (the indicator of strife, disease, and spiritual sadhana);And the stri or dara karaka, the indicator of marriage (and partnerships in general).

These karakas are of extreme importance in judging a chart, especially in terms of career potential and, especially, for judging spiritual potential, as indicated in both the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra and the Jaimini Sutram.

Sequence of Mahadasas

The dasas start from whichever sign is in the lagna. So, ( Exmp. for a Libra ascendant, Libra would be the first mahadasa. For a Virgo ascendant, the first mahadasa would be Virgo, for Aries ascendant the first mahadasa would be Aries) for Leo ascend. Leo is the first Mahadasa. There are no exceptions to this. The number which results from the counting (including the sign from which the counting starts) is then to subtract 1 from the total. This will give the mahadasa in years. To determine the length of the maha dasas indicated above, look at the placement of the ruler of the signs, and count from the sign in question either forwards or backwards, as cited below. If a planet is in its own sign, it is assigned twelve years. The next thing to look at is how to ascertain the direction of the mahadasas. The pattern of the dasa sequences is as follows:

Leo Lagna

For Leo Lagna — Sequence = Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

Leo — Count backward to the Sun’s location, then subtract 1

The following illustration will clear of these principles. You have Leo rising sign, with Sun in the 6th house. This makes your first mahadasa leo, and it will last for five years (6-1). You have Virgo , It’s lord Mercury is( 4 -1); so on…..In this manner Again you have stepped into Leo Mahadasha. Let us now consider the Leo it’s lord Sun with Rahu; this uses the principle that the planet with the higher number of companion planets will be chosen to be the sign to which counting will be done. In your chart, the Rahu is in the same sign (Capricorn) with the Sun. The choice of Rahu as the sign to which we would count to get the mahadasa length, according to the principle already stated above. The Rahu mahadasa . The objectives: foreign travel, illusions, ego, aggression, mental state, secrecy, wealth, manipulation, depart from conventional norms, profession in industry, drug manufacturing units or poison manufacturing industries, mining, iron, chemicals, alloy etc.

Connection of the atmakaraka (1st house indicator), here in your chart Moon is in Pisces ,the sign of Jupiter, the Darakaraka, the 8th house, sudden transforming, crisis, grief elimination, scandal obstacles etc. Dar.kar. in 9th house : traveling, religion, pilgrimage, divine learnings, philosophy, luck, intuitive power etc. Thus speaks second wife. Since Jupiter is dual sign lord , therefore, there is benefit of doubt, may be or may not be…..


This is the birth details: 19.01.1953: 09.33PM: lat. 4N35,long.101E4. does it show second marriage ? The native is a divorcee.

In KP method the Second Cuspal sub lord connects with 7th is crucial for legal marriage otherwise an affair or a companion, a living partner , means when 2csl connects with only 11. If the 7th CSL either Mercury or planet occupying a dual sign or deposited in the constellation of the planet in the dual sign then there will be a multiple marriage. And when : during the DBA of 9th lord or planets relates 2 7 11 or 3rd. The 2 CSL is Moon. Moon connects with 5 & 8 lord Jupiter, for it being in Pisces, the Sign of Jupiter. And luckily the 7th CSL and 11 th CSL is Jupiter. So there is connectivity between 2 7 11, in my consideration there will be second marriage.

The sub period Sun ( Sun-Sun-Mer) up to 03.11.2024. The Bhukti Sun: 21.02.19, then Moon : till 21.08.19. so on…Sun-Sun-Mer, Moon Jup Mar.(sign, star, sub lord). Houses: Sun: 1 5, 2 5 11. Moon : 7 12, 5 8 9, 4 7 9. Since you know about the significance of 1 2 5 11 in relationship matter I need not state. I suppose a second marriage possible in Moon Bhukti.

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