When will you get Job?

In cases , referred to me most of enthusiasts ask when he/she will get a job ? They are passing through hard time now. Really it is question of death and living! How a person will survive with out earning? The person feels very unlucky and will start blaming luck, external conditions , events and circumstances for his/her failure and spends in self pity , anger , resentment , comparison, frustration etc. But in my consideration if we see the planetary set-up at his / her birth time, I think we should have a chance to convince the person, no you are not unlucky to that extent. Chances are there, you will get a job. What I consider most I would like to submit as follows.

Important role of Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon has an important role when it comes to getting a government job. No matter how hard you try, if the Sun and Moon are not in your support then you will not get a government job. The sixth house itself is positive for career but it shows its negative side when the same planet signifying the sixth house also signifies the eighth or twelfth house.

These houses alone or in combination shows their negativity.
6 & 8 – Too much of Opposition and Stress
6 & 12 – Failure in Competition or Theft of Hard Earned Money
8 & 12 – Losing a Fight or Sudden Loss of Money
6 8 12 – Stress, Opposition, Losses, Troubles, Suffering
Sixth House < Eighth House < Twelfth House

What type of profession is good for you?

To know what type of profession is good for you, we need to check the combinations of houses signified by the planets and not the sixth house or tenth house alone, through sign lord, star lord and sub star lord. Best Career option according to Vedic Astrology – Aries Ascendant

The ascendant is a very important house. All the things or stuff related to our life activities reflect through the houses signified by the Ascendant lord and planets in the ascendant . The planet judgement is crucial. The planet should be strong and positive. Now I am coming to the subject . Vastu Rectification by using Pyramids

Sun & Moon indicates Job in a Government Offices or government run Companies.
Venus &Jupiter – Job in a Multi National Company or a Public Limited Company
Mercury – Job in a Multi-National Company or private reputed company
Mars – Police or Army
Saturn: Job in a Small Private Company
Rahu & Ketu– Working in Difficult Situations. Lower jobs

Status at the Work Place According To Houses Signified By The Planets

10 & 11 – Top Level Executives
6 & 11 – Managerial Position
6 & 10 – Officer
2 & 6/10 – Clerk
2 or 6 or 10 – The lowest cadre for running errands or such miscellaneous type.

Houses 2 ,6 , 10 ,and 11 are considered for employment and services because – 2nd House denotes money matters, profit and gain ,one can earn , financial prosperity ,bank position etc. 6th House denotes Job- Service -Day- to – day attendance. The 10th House denotes Profession: Occupation -Name & fame -Power & Prestige . The 11th House denotes Desires, hopes , aspirations & their realization . Numerology Number 5

Then applying the rules, which indicate clearly that – 11th cuspal sub lord should be a significator through its star lord and sub lord the 2nd , the 6th, 10th and 11th houses . Or 6th cuspal sub lord should be a significator through its star lord and sub star lord the 2nd, 10th & 11th houses. The 10th cuspal sub lord should also signify in the same manner.

Permanent or Temporary job ?

If the sub lord of the 6th house becomes the significator through its star Lord and sub lord of 2 ,10 and 11 houses then it shows permanent job but becomes significators along with houses of 5th or 9th house also, denotes temporary job or native is not likely to stick to one job. Significance of Nine planets

Government Or Private job

If Sun or Ketu or Mangal be strong and the significator of 6th / 10th house through their star and sub lords the chances of Government job with security will be very high .

If the sub lord of 6th cusp is Sun or Ketu or Mangal becomes the significator of 10th or 2nd through its star lord and sub lord , chances of Government job is high.
If the 10th sub lord is significator of 6th house through star lord and sub and to cusp 7th through sub lord it indicates private job. Chandra Mangla Yoga and Effects

Change of place

Whether the native will get the promised job at the place he is staying or at some distant place can be judged from the Dasha period running at the time. If the Dasha/ bhukti /Antara lord becomes the significator of 2 , 6 , 10 and , 3 or 12 houses it shows the job will be at changed place. Leo Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Learned members to please contribute the experiences you have, to make this write up more spanned and more and more readers to read. With best regards…..

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