Jupiter Transit 2017 to 2018 for Scorpio Sign – Guru Peyarchi 2017 Vrischika Rasi

Jupiter transit to Libra 2017 prediction for Scorpio Sign - Guru peyarchi palangal 2017 for Vrischika Rasi as per Thirukanitha Panchangam.

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Jupiter Transit 2017 – Scorpio Sign

In 2017 Jupiter transit to Libra sign would happen on September 2nd, 2017 and stay there until October 4th, 2018.

Let us analyze Guru Peyarchi 2017 prediction in detail for Vrischika Rasi, so we can know what to expect.

The Scorpio is the 8th constellation seen in the zodiac chart. The stars or Nakshatras Vishakam (padham 4), Anusham and Kettai come under the Scorpio constellation.

The people born under any of these stars have Scorpio as their moon sign.

The Scorpios possess a thinking leaning towards spiritual and devotional thoughts. Their will power will see them through the toughest of paths, once they decide to achieve something. Lord Mars is their ruler.

Lord Jupiter rules the monetary and 5th House for you and is a friendly planet to your moon sign.

According to the planetary horoscope, Lord Jupiter will bestow the good and bad according to the House He currently resides.Effects of Rahu Ketu Peyarchi 2017

Last year on August 2, 2016, Lord Jupiter transited to the House of Virgo and is currently placed there.

This year, He transits to the House of Libra on September 2, 2017 and stays there till October 4, 2018.

Last year’s Guru peyarchi brought you good luck and progress. Students were able to score well. People at work received promotions and increased wages. Those expecting marriages and childbirths had their wishes turned to reality. Court cases were won in your favour. Long standing loans were repaid to you. Thus last year was a good year for you.

2017 Jupiter Transit Effects

Let us look how the Guru payarchi this year will affect you.

This year, Lord Jupiter will transit to the House of Libra on September 2, 2017 and stay there till October 4, 2018.

This change will bring in a mixture of both good and bad occurrences to you this year.

2017 Jupiter aspects effects

Effects of Jupiter transit 2017 Aspects for Scorpio
Jupiter aspects from Libra for Scorpio sign

Lord Jupiter transits to your 12th House (House of Libra, House of expenditure). This does not bring in the desired results for you. You can see your expenses increasing. But it is up to you to curb useless expenses and spending them wisely. This way, you can repay your debts.

Lord Jupiter aspects your 4th House (House of Aquarius) with His 5th part gaze. The 4th House is concerned with your properties like houses, lands and vehicles and also your maternal side. Your mother’s health will improve. Your interest will turn towards buying new properties, houses and constructing new buildings.

Lord Jupiter aspects your 6th House (House of Aries) with His 7th part gaze. The 6th House deals with your health, debt and enemies. Your health will get better, court cases will run in your favour and enemies will weaken. Your debts will reduce. Effects Saturn Transit 2017

Also, Lord Jupiter aspects your 8th House (House of Gemini) with His 9th part gaze. The 8th House is the House of longevity and Mangalya sthana for women. Any dangers to your life will vanish. For women, the strength of their mangalya sthana increases.

Overview of Jupiter Transit 2017 for Scorpio

Let us have an overview of what this transit brings to your Scorpios this year:

Students will face a rocky year ahead, with their scores climbing up and down. Your health will not be affected much. Those in professional jobs will see obstacles hurled in front of their promotions and salary hikes. Joyous occasions will ring in cheer in your family. You will buy new houses, properties and vehicles.

Marriage will take place after facing some hurdles. You will plan for new ventures. Your trips to faraway places will bring on added expenditure.

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