Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions Cancer Sign

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Physical and Mental Health:

Jupiter will transit in your 6th house which represent work, service, daily routines, and health endeavors begin to expand, improve, and grow. Your metabolism may slow which reduce your stamina and capacity. You need to maintain proper balance between your personal and professional life.

Parents will enjoy good time with family because of their good health.    

Wealth and Finance:

This transit is not very good for wealth and money. Your expenses may remain at high side and you may have to borrow money from some one individual or any financial institution. You should re-think before making any decision related to money. In would like to advise you to minimize all your expenses till fist half of the transit.   

You won’t get expected returns from your investments and there are big chances to block your money in unproductive entities. You may have some unexpected gains from someone who took money from you before so long ago.  

Career and Profession:

This is a time when your work projects or duties improve, or you have increased opportunities for employment. You can be so confident in your ability to take on projects and endeavors, however, that you overload your plate, so do watch for that. However, this can be a rather magical time for your everyday life and health in many ways, and these areas of life have endured somewhat serious or difficult energy in recent years, so it can come as a nice relief.

During this transit, you find more joy in your work, self-improvement endeavors, and taking care of your health. If you provide a service to others, it is likely to prosper, largely because you’re enjoying it more. You are especially successful in hiring people to work for you, if applicable, and improvements to your working environment are likely. It can be easier than usual to find employment now. You may get a new job during this cycle or significantly improve an existing one. Work tends to be very available to you. You can be very focused on what really matters to get ahead, and recognition for your efforts may be forthcoming.

Spouse and Family:

Jupiter will transit in the 6th house for the people born under Cancer sign. This may turn out to be a mixed bag scenario for Cancer natives. You will get to follow your schedule without any disruption. You may have to face some unexpected challenges around you and you are advised to be careful from competitors. You may find it difficult to pay off your debts on time. However, on the positive side, you may get an opportunity for a better job or may get promoted. 

If you are planning to go overseas, your efforts will pay off. You will need to take due care that you do not suffer because of your laziness. Even business owners will see progress in their profession. You will spend quality time with your family members and loved ones. despite of all those things you will be able to save a good amount of money for your future prospects.

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