Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions Gemini Sign

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Physical and Mental Health:

Jupiter will transit in the 7th house which is its governing place for the people born under the Gemini sign. You’ll get a chance to work through conflicts of interests and overload during this period. For the most part, you are likely to enjoy an improved social life during this cycle. You learn a lot through your experiences and interactions with an important “other.” While there are problems to iron out, there is a motivating, ambitious feel to this time. The focus should be on strengthening, building, and developing your connections. It indicates your good mental state and it gives you strength to overcome all obstacles. You will be physically fit and fine.

Wealth and Finance:

This transit is not going to be very good for wealth prospects. Your money may block and it will badly affect your future plans. During second half of Jupiter’s transit; you will be also to accumulate some wealth. Your previously made some bad decisions are prohibiting you to survive this time, from next year onwards you can expect some improvements in your financial condition. Monthly Horoscope 2019 Gemini

Career and Profession:

You will be able to maintain a healthy equation with your superiors at work. There are highly chances to get reward and recognition at your work place. You may also have to move to different location. Even business owners will enjoy a cordial relationship with their partners. Yearly Horoscope 2019 Gemini Sign

You can negotiate more successfully, and, if also there are very good chances to win in legal matters. Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved, and more casual disputes can be settled amicably as well. You may find yourself taking on the role of consultant or advisor, or you could benefit from help from same. You will get good publicity in near future. If your career has you working with the public like if you are in the field of politics or in direct dealing with public, you will be able to increase your popularity. Saturn Transit 2017 to 2020 effects for Gemini Sign

Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive, warm energy, difficult relationships may be absolved, or successful new ones are entered into during this period.

Spouse and Family:

You will get to spend quality time with your partner and resolve prevailing differences. Besides, you will make some steadfast decisions in order to secure your future in the coming phase. If you are planning marriage, you are likely to get engaged or may even get married during this transit. You will enjoy good health and will recover from an ailment. If you are appearing for a competitive exam, you will be satisfied with your performance. You would be logical and wise in decision-making. Your attitude would be humble. Rahu Ketu transit 2019 Gemini Sign

New partnership opportunities can arrive now during this transit period, or the chance to bring fresh energy to an existing committed relationship emerges. Relationships entered into now are generally successful and happy — at least for the time being, they are mutually beneficial.

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