Jupiter transit 2019 to 2020 predictions Virgo Sign

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Mental and Physical Health:

Jupiter will transit in the 4th house for the natives of Virgo sign. This phase may not be favourable for you. You may develop differences with your mother. You will face disappointments as you may not get the expected cooperation from some people. Besides, you may move towards spirituality. this is an excellent time for improving your communication skills and your general attitude or mindset.

Wealth and Finance:

You will also reap monetary benefits from your in-laws. During this transit, your communications increase and expand. Your ability and desire to express yourself is greater now, and your personal interests grow. Good fortune with vehicles, transportation, through siblings, and with the communications industry can be experienced during this cycle. You are more perceptive, and others are more receptive to your ideas. New opportunities to communicate can open up to you. This can be a busy period for learning and can also be a time of setting up a more connected home environment.

Career and Profession:

But at the same time, your career or business will make good progress. You will try to bring out your hidden talents and spare more time for the same. You could feel especially motivated to pursue your personal interests and to connect with a partner, from December onwards. This is a good time for sharing your ideas, writing, pursuing a cause, and joining a cause. Technical expertise increases, and this boosts your creative projects or work significantly. You’re more confident than ever about expressing yourself, whether verbally or through your creations.

Spouse and Family:

On the downside, you may want to maintain a distance from everyone and stay aloof. This may even impact your married life and you may find a romantic atmosphere at home. You may not be able to control your expenses. Taking so many daily activities, communications, new interests, and learning endeavors or studies can become you overloaded and you may feel very frustrated. Responsibilities to family and around the home can be great at times this year and can prevent you from getting everything done. There can be a real tendency to want to do it all, forgetting your limits in terms of time and energy. Taking on too many projects or becoming too entrenched in details can cause problems.

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