Kemdrum Yoga astrological definition and Remedies

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Generally, in the astrological definition, all the yoga related to the moon has a direct impact on the mind of the person. Due to the factor of the mind, the thoughts, mood and methodology of the person has been considered important to be the rise of the moon or set. All natural creatures and humans are also directly affected by the activity of the moon.

According to astrology, Kemdrum Yoga is considered very unlucky or unlucky among the different types of inauspicious yogas made in the horoscope. According to the prevalent definition of Kemdrum Yoga, in a horoscope, if there is no planet in both the front and the back of the moon in the horoscope, then in such a horoscope, chemdrum yoga becomes a yoga, due to which the person has poverty or extreme poverty, various types of diseases, Troubles, hardships etc. face in business and marital life.

In some cases, Jatak is seen as thief, liarist, arrogant, pranch and arrogant. No matter how much you improve your life, you are always seen facing a struggling situation.

Many Vedic astrologers believe that those who suffer from Kemdrum Yoga live a very pathetic life and many of these people face difficulties and failures in different areas of their life and some area of these people’s life is the same as this inauspicious yoga. It is completely destroyed due to effect, as some of the people who are suffering from this defect do not get married throughout their life, some people do not get business for the whole life and some people remain poor for the rest of their life.

Some astrologers believe that some people who are under the inauspicious influence of Kemdrum Yoga may have to remain in prison or jail for a long time and some other species who are under the inauspicious influence of this yoga have been expelled. Punishments can also be given. The social level of the people suffering from Kemdrum Yoga is always below or below normal and they do not get respect and prestige in the society throughout their life.

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Studying the rule related to construction of Kemdrum Yoga shows that Kemdrum Yoga becomes in many horoscope and accordingly many people in the world should suffer from the inauspicious fruits and troubles given by Kemdrum Yoga. The inauspicious fruits provided by Kemdrum Yoga are very extreme and that is why this yoga should be built in very few horoscope because many people in the world are not found to suffer from such extreme inauspicious fruits. This is why some other rules are also necessary to be made in any horoscope of this inauspicious yoga.

Some believe that in a horoscope for building chemdrum yoga, no planet should be located along with moon in the horoscope and also in the houses of the center of the horoscope, i.e. 1, 4, 7 and 10th house. There should not be any other planet other than Rahu or Ketu and the moon should not be connected to the horoscope with any other planet other than Rahu or Ketu. Although the additional rules above are sufficient to make chemdrum yoga rare in itself but in my research and experience some facts should be considered apart from these rules. Before we learn about these facts, let us try to know the logic behind the construction of Kemdrum Yoga.

According to the astrology, the moon is considered the most important planet in the horoscope, which can be decided by these facts that even today many Vedic astrologers consider the house of the moon as a lagna in the horoscope, the lunar zodiac sign is the jatak. It is called birth zodiac, the moon constellation is called the birth constellation of the Jatak, the Mahadashaas like Vinchottari are also calculated on the basis of the moon and the process of matching qualities used in the horoscope for marriage works is also only the moon. It is done on the basis of the situation which makes it clear that according to Vedic astrology, the moon is the most important planet in each horoscope.

In the horoscope of any person, when the most important planet like the moon falls alone without any influence, and the most important centre of the horoscope is a situation of loneliness due to no planet located in the houses of the horoscope. If it is made, it means that such a horoscope has very little ability to give birth to any kind of important and auspicious results due to which the person cannot do anything special in his life. In this way, the most important planet of the horoscope and the most important centre of the horoscope, the houses of the horoscope become the chemdrum yoga in the horoscope, which is under the influence of which the person who is not able to achieve some special achievements.

I have seen the horoscope of many species in which only chemdrum yoga was made according to the prevailing definition and most of these people were free from the inauspicious fruits of this defect, while in whose horoscope, the additional rules set for chemdrum yoga were also fulfilled. Many of these people were suffering from serious problems which emphasizes the notion that additional regulations are also necessary for building chemdrum yoga in the horoscope.

Those species whose birth in the horoscope are auspicious with the moon, before the moon, or in the homes of the past or the center of the horoscope, Rahu and Ketu are located in the horoscope, in those horoscope, Kemdrum Yoga even after all conditions are fulfilled. Either it is not made or its inauspicious fruits are very few. If you see with logic, the effect of any auspicious planet on the central houses of the moon or the horoscope will end or reduce the Kemdrum Yoga and that’s why being auspicious in the horoscope of Rahu or Ketu does not make Kemdrum Yoga.

In this way, before deciding to make a chemdrum yoga in a horoscope, all the topics related to the construction of this yoga should be taken seriously.

It is also worth noting here that the Kemdrum Yoga made in different horoscope will provide less or more inauspicious results due to various facts and conditions. For example, the chemdrum yoga formed in the moon’s Scorpio will be more inauspicious fruit than the chemdrum yoga that comes in the moon’s Taurus or cancer.

Similarly, the Kemdrum Yoga, which is built in a 5th or 9th house in a moon’s horoscope, will be less inauspicious than the Kemdrum Yoga made from a 8th house in a moon’s horoscope. In addition to this, other auspicious inauspicious inauspicious yogas made in the horoscope should also be observed thoroughly because one or more auspicious yoga present in the horoscope can reduce the effect of Kemdrum Yoga while inauspicious Yoga present in the horoscope or inauspicious of Kemdrum Yoga Can enhance the impact even more.

Along with Kemdrum Yoga in a horoscope, Kalsarpa Dosh is also an indicator of severe disasters and problems for the person. Therefore, all the facts related to Kemdrum Yoga should be thoroughly observed before the construction and Faladesh.

Remedies & Solutions

Usually, this yoga cannot be removed from any worship.

But by increasing the strength of other planets and strengthening the lagnesh-Bhagyesh, the result can be partially controlled and positive.

Scriptures like Rudra Poojan, Grahashanti Ratna Upay, Vrat Yajna are presented. Some of these are written below.

To reduce the impact of this yoga, the full moon on Monday or during the Chitra Nakshatra on Monday should be kept fast for four consecutive years.

Starting from any Monday, going to the temple of Lord Shiva and offering raw milk of cow on the holy Shivling is beneficial. Along with this, worship Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati. Worship of Lord Shiva helps in reducing the inauspicious effect of this yoga.

Chant Shivpanchakshari mantra ′′ Om Namah Shivay ′′ with the garland of Rudraksh.

Install Dakshinavarti Sankha in your home and recite Shrisukta regularly. Fill water in this shell and offer it on the statue of Goddess Laxmi and wear pearls in the silver yantra. Always keep this pearl with you.

Keep donating things related to the moon. Like, milk, yogurt, ice cream, rice, water etc. Keep a square piece of silver with you. Recite SriSukt daily. Keep Ganga water on the place of worship. Wear silver yantra with pearls. Wear the garland of Rudraksh.

Still, in the important decision of life, discussion with experienced astrologer has been considered necessary for the knowledge of the right and inappropriate from time to time.

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