Leo Zodiac Sign General Characteristic and Significance

Horoscope Leo Zodiac Sign General Characters and Signification

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The Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. The Leo represents the Fire element of Nature. This is a “stable” sign and a masculine sign. This is a “singular” sign and the animal Lion represents this sign. Hence this sign is also called as the “four-legged” sign.

As the planet Sun is the Ruler of this sign, the nature of this Rasi is fire. This sign can show how a thing is done.  This sign is ferocious but sattvic in nature. The Leo is also called as an infertile sign, strong during the daytime. This sign also denotes the land animals, mountains, and hill regions, and is also called as a “narrow” sign.

This sign contains the Nakshatra: Magham (pada 1, 2, 3, 4), Pooram (pada 1, 2, 3, 4) Uthram (Pada 1) in its constellation. This sign spreads across the 120 to 150 degrees in the zodiac sky.

Lord Sun is the ruler of this sign. Planet Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter are friendly benefactors in this sign, while Venus, Saturn, North Star and the South Star are malevolent.


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The person born under Leo sign are generally tall, with wide shoulders and a wide forehead. They are slightly fleshy, with a strong presence and a powerful voice.  They possess a strong and beautiful bone structure.


The people born under Leo sign ( Simha Rasi) are benevolent and gracious, like the Lion, who is the king of the forest. They will be energetic and dynamic always. They have an open heart which is sympathetic towards everyone. They love to help others and never cheat on those who seek help.  They love to be at the forefront and work hard for rising up in the society. They think about themselves in grandiose terms and do not hesitate to put others down. They want to be the center of attention all the time.

The Leo sign person has many friends but would prefer their own company above them all. They are charming and adjust with their relatives, and earn a good name among them. The Leo sign person makes good bosses as they encourage their employees smartly.

The people born under Leo sign ( Simha Rasi) would rather finish a job than sit talking about it. They would finish a job once they lay their hands on it. As the Sun is the ruler of the nine planets and Leo sign would take upon leadership roles with ease. They would occupy the higher positions in the government or private establishments. Even if they possess nothing, they will still be the leaders of the local club and so on.

The person born under Leo sign ( Simha Rasi) are very hard-working and love to help their relatives to rise up in their lives. But as they trust everyone very easily, they become targets for frauds and get cheated often. They love hearing praises about themselves. Anyone wishing to accomplish something through them can easily dos so by praising them. At the same time, the Leo sign people are vociferous against people who spread lies and defame the truth. Leo sign person love to be the leaders of any gathering.

As this is a stable sign, the Leos are very stubborn and insensitive. They have a great sense of duty and can get along well with others.  They never enter anything half-heartedly.  They desire positions of power.


Lord Mercury is present in the 2nd and 11th position for Leo. Hence the Leos have a good flow of money in their hands. They will get loans at all places. They generally have large savings and have land or jewelry in their hands always. Whatever money comes their way, they use it to help others too. Hence money keeps flowing in and away from their hands.


The people born under Leo sign ( Simha Rasi) are typically very good-looking and are attractive to the opposite sexes. Specifically, the men are very charming and win the hearts of women easily. Leos have a large heart and love to love and be loved. They are interested in falling in love and want a marriage of love. Their spouses will usually be very beautiful and good and are moderately beneficial to them. They will have a good marriage with mutual love and admiration. The Leo husband will never tolerate anyone speaking against his wife. The Leos will beget good children. These children might cause trouble in their later lives.


The Leo sign people are very strong people and do not fall ill easily. Even if they do, they bounce back rather quickly.  The sign Leo indicates the heart and bone. Hence problems related to the heart like palpitations, dizziness, and feet problems arise and go. The Leo sign people get angry and emotional easily. It would do them good to learn to control their emotions and be calm.

The Leos never hesitate to take loans and give loans. They will get the loans easily. They never badger anyone to return their money and they too will not repay their loans with readiness. They take loans for their health, business, home, and children education. To pay off one loan they take new loans.


As the Lord Saturn comes in the 6th House and Venus in the 10th House, there are chances of getting a central government job or a job in a reputed private organization with chances of going abroad.  Because of the presence of Lord Saturn, the chances of working for someone are higher than self-employment. The presence of Lord Venus in the 10th House indicates the inclination towards pharmacy, glass, clothes and the entertainment field.

Lord Saturn is present in the 7th House which designates self-employment with the partnership in the fields of small business related manufacturing, telecommunication fields.

In this era of diverse employment, it is necessary to analyze a person’s birth chart to correct predict which field will be suitable for him/her. Every birth chart is different, and a detailed study of the individual chart is required to see if the planetary periods are conducive to their career.

  • Leo Sign Lucky Days:  Wednesday, Friday
  • Leo Sign Lucky Numbers: Number 5 & Number 6
  • Leo Sign Lucky Colours: Green and White
  • Leo Sign Lucky Stones:  Green Emerald and Diamond

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