Mesha (Aries) Positive and Negative things

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Mesha Rasi Males

  1. People born in mesha will be beautiful face and good physical features and appearance.
  2. Will keep something in mind and speak something outside, will speak less words but which will hurt others easily.
  3. Will have good education, highly intellect, well dressed and interested in cosmetics.
  4. Urgency, anger, aggression, competition, fights all these are well associated with people born in mesha.
  5. Will be of medium height, neither too tall nor short. Adamancy, courage and doing things without thinking and later repenting are unique to them.
  6. Would like to take leadership role, but not ready to work under someone or take commands from them. Always keeps travelling. Even though good at administration, lot of ego is seen in them.
  7. Can attract any one easily and good at taking revenge, if afflicted with Malefics then can be very aggressive and hot tempered person.
  8. Either they fall in fight soon or fall in love soon. They believe in love at first sight. Would like their spouse to be under their control. Will be the first person to propose in love.

Mesha Rasi Females

  1. Most of the results said for the males will also be applicable to female and few unique combinations are given below.
  2. Females born in this rashi get easily enraged and build enemity easily with their husband. They possess all the masculine qualities.
  3. Somehow females born in this lagna will keep the husband in their control. They will leave their husband and go to movie, malls and ladies club and exercise their authority.
  4. They are aggressive and always keep fighting, however they are very much attached to the family.
  5. They will take proper administration of the family. They will bring up children very strictly.

Mesha Rasi Job

All those related to mars and Saturn will be beneficial. Police, army, medicine, surgery, chemicals, bricks, fire, iron, electricity, watch industry, cooking, home sciences, second hand works , stitching jobs, microbiology, siddha medicine etc.

Positive things

  1. Will be the be the first one to volunteer
  2. Leadership
  3. Can handle any difficulty situations
  4. Very high vision

Negative things

  1. Anger
  2. Circumstantial person
  3. Not having patience

Mesha Rasi Diseases

Generally will have good robust health. However some injuries by sharp items , head related problems, blood related problems and blood pressure etc.

  1. Lucky number :3,6,5
  2. Lucky color :blood red
  3. Lucky gemstone:pearl
  4. Lucky day:Thursday, Friday, Monday.

Mesha Rasi Beneficial planetary combination

  1. Sun + moon
  2. Sun + mars
  3. Sun + Jupiter
  4. Mars + Jupiter
  5. Mars + Moon
  6. Jupiter + Saturn

Vimshottari Dashas which may not yield good results

  1. Mercury being lord of 3 and 6
  2. Saturn dasa half will be beneficial and half may cause health issues.

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