Multiple Relations and Denial of Marriage – KP Method

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The native is very much resourceful, an intellectual of high order, but his fate does not permit a legal spouse to come in his life . He is a man of charitable disposition.

Birth details: 24.02.1976, 12.20 PM, lat.22N43, long.75E49.

The assessment is done in KP method.


Let us consider the houses 2,6 and 10 ( 2nd bank balance, self acquisition;6th services rendered, day to day attendance on duty and thereby earning; being 12th from the 7th denotes loss to others and gain to self, hence receiving money from others; 10th profession, either in independent vocation or in service). Sun is the chief governor of profession. The 2nd cusp is Gemini. It’s lord is Mercury. The 6th cusp is Libra, lord Venus. The 10th cusp is Aquarius, Lord Saturn. And their relationships. Venus and Mercury are in Capricorn, the Sign of Saturn, in the aspect of Jupiter. So it transpires me perennial flow of wealth, and climbing the ladder of success in every approach. Jupiter is the chief governor of money and it is the 11th cusp lord, in Pisces , it’s own sign. What should I speak ?


7th House is important in Marriage If 7th cusp is connected with 2,7,11 then one would get married. The 2 nd Cusp lord Mercury, 7th Mars,11th Jupiter. The star and sub star division of these 3 planets are:

Mercury: 1 2 5 6 9
Moon: 3 7 8 11
Saturn: 2 3 9 10

When the 7th cusp is connected with 2,7,11 + 6,10 + 12 or 8 then one would get married then get separated. If dual nature planet (mer/ jup) is involved then multiple marriage. So the native gets what I wish to speak, I do not have to wash dirty linens in public pond.

Dual Marriage

if 2nd cusp is connected with 7 then one would get married and there will be dual marriage if above rule is fulfilled.

Mars: 1 7 12
Jupiter: 3 8 11

Jupiter: 3 8 11
Mercury: 1 2 5 6 9
Saturn: 2 3 9 10

When the 7th cusp lord is connected with 2,7,11 + 5 + 1 then one would get married and it’s a love marriage its confirmed if 5th sign is fixed sign. The 7th Cusp lord is Mars. The 2nd Cusp lord Mercury. The 11th Cusp is Jupiter. When the 7th cusp is connected with 1 + 6,10 + 12 or 8 then one would not get married. Very much clear and he could understand about his marriage. Marriage has been denied, but he would not be bereft of bed pleasure. This is my findings in KP method.

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