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Detailed Monthly astrology predictions for November by astrologer Shakti Shiromani Shukla

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Horoscope for the month of November’18

Aries Sign:

Health wise this month is good for you, but your parents may suffer this month from cough and cold, blood pressure and some polluted water related disease. You should take care of yourself also if you are above forties because you may have some problem related to waist. Siblings won’t favour you.

Love birds may get married but they will have to face hurdles from families. There would be some issues in marital life; I can see some ego and clashes of thoughts. It may create very worst situation if both of you won’t be flexible and do adjustment. Try to resolve your issues by conversion.

There may be some setbacks in your career and it may spoil your festival. Salaried guys may miss their bonus and appreciation while businessman may face some problem to recover money from market. You should get ready to face such situation or get ready with plan B; so that you can survive.

I would like to suggest you to stay calm and act according to situation and try to be a good diplomat.

You should offer 16 red lotus to Goddess Laxmi on deepawali and chant Shri Sukta 16 times and do homam with 16 lotus seeds during night of deepawali. 

Taurus Sign:

          Not to eat much more sweets. This month will be normal health wise. Parents will enjoy good health and will be happy with others but you shouldn’t expect good relation with your siblings.

You will enjoy happy and prosperous married life. Both of you will enjoy memorable moments with each other. Both of you should start walking in the path of happiness and joy together.

This month is going to be very good for you in term of job and business. You may also indulge in new business partnership or any job doing person will start his own business. This is going to be very fruitful in future.

You should offer 16 white lotuses flowers to Goddess Laxmi and chant Laxmi gayatri mantra 108 times and lit a lamp of chameli oil or ghee entire night of deepawali.         

Gemini Sign:

First half of this month may be some painful for you in term of health; you may suffer from injuries in legs and blood pressure. From second half of month you will feel much better. Mother will enjoy good health while father may have some sudden health problems related to skin, diabetes and low immunity. Attitude of your siblings will remain same as previous months.

You may also face some issues with your spouse. I would like to suggest you to short them out as soon as possible otherwise both of you may meet in court. Try to be a little bit flexible and say bye bye to your ego and attitude. Same recommendations are for couples those are in live in relationship.

Your professional life would be good. This month may bring some good news for you in term of job and business. But you should also be careful from back biter.  They may spoil your happy moments. You may be out of station for some time during third week of the month.

Chant Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra with sphatic mala daily and offer 6 leaves of green grass to Ganesh ji by chanting Om Gan Ganpataye Namah.

Cancer Sign:

You must have to control on your temperament and don’t try to be angry young man. In the real life such attitude doesn’t work for long time. Constipation, gastric or problems in feet may give you problem. Your father may also suffer from health and mental depression. Siblings would be in your favour and give you full support.

There may be some marital disharmony with your spouse. That’s why mentioned above not to show your anger and displeasure. You should try to calm her and try to spend some good time with her; so that she can feel comfortable.  Your house may resonance by the shrieks of new born baby. This occasion will help your family members to gather and spend some moments of happiness and joy.

I am seeing new partnership and responsibilities which you will have to shoulder. It will help you to sharpen your abilities and qualities. Career wise this month is going to be very good for you.

Do homam by Kamal Gatta by chanding Lakshmi mantra during deewali night and offer modak to Lord Ganesha.

Leo Sign:

You will have to put much more efforts to get you desired results than others. You should also get ready to face some failure during first half of this month. You may get some injury in vehicle do drive with care. Parents will enjoy good health and spend good time with family. Siblings will give you unconditional favour and support.

Relationship with spouse will be at peak of harmony and joy. Both of you will spend some good time with each other. He or she will take care of your very small happiness and understand your feelings and try her or his best to make you feel happy.

This month may not be very good in term of professional life. You may have to face so much burden of work load. If you are a businessman this month will give you tension to get back you money which is with others in form of debt. I am warning you to avoid huge expenses; try to save money otherwise you may have to borrow money.

Do worship of Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi and Ganesh on the night of Deewali and chant Vishnu Sahatra Naam.

Virgo Sign:

You will enjoy great pleasure and memorable moments during this month. Health wise this month is very good. Your entire family including parents will enjoy this month. You will get support of everyone. Your mom’s health may give you some tension; so take care of her properly.

Your spouse will very lucky for you and lady luck will work for you. Both of you understand each other very well and connected soulfully. You should take her out for date or candle light dinner and make her feel happy. Both of you will enjoy this month.

Your professional life will be just ok this month; sometimes you will have handsome amount of money and feel happy while after some time you will be in tension due to liabilities which you have to fulfil. You may have to visit other places because of professional commitments. You should beware of friends. Never have blind faith on them.

Chant mantra of Lord Ganesh and touch feet of your parents daily. Their blessings will take you on the path of success and peace. Offer Green grass to lord ganesha during puja of deewali and chant Ganesh Atharva Shirsham.

Libra Sign:    

Health wise this month is going to be very fabulous and you will enjoy good health while your parents may face some health issue, so take care of them. Sibling will try to avoid you so that you may feel a little bit bad.

You won’t have to do much more hard work to impress your spouse as you are already in her or his heart. But you also have to make her or him feel good. One important thing I am feeling that she or he may get a little bit hyper in just small things but this angriness is not going to be remaining for a long time and you know how to coax her or him.

You may start a new business or expand it in other cities or state or you may travel in different state due to official work. Your previous month’s efforts will start giving results. So you are going to be very busy during this month.

You should offer 16 white lotuses flowers to Goddess Laxmi and chant Kanak Dhara Strotra and lit a lamp of chameli oil or ghee entire night of deepawali.

Scorpio Sign:

Very good time is waiting for you, so you should get ready to grasp this golden opportunity. Your health will be as usual but take care of your teeth; you should maintain good level of hygiene inside your mouth and stop taking alcohol and smoking.  You should also stop telling lie if you want your bright future. Your parents will enjoy good health and spend memorable time with family. Don’t expect much more from your siblings.

Marital happiness will be at bottom level so take care about your relationship with spouse. This month is very crucial for both of you. Tensions between you will be at high level. You should handle situations very carefully without being short tempered.

Your professional life will also not be very good during this month. You may get some business proposals from foreigners or any job offer but it won’t be going to very fruitful for you. I would like to suggest you to stay where you are right not till start of the New Year.

You should chant 108 names of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh and offer sindoor to them daily while worshiping.

Sagittarius Sign:  

You will feel laziness and try to postpone things for later during this month. Some Headache may give problem to you. You parents will enjoy good health and siblings will give you unconditional support and favour.

Married life won’t be going to be very harmonious. I think you his or her desires are very high and you are not proven yourself equal to her expectations; but you should not to worry she will be fine very soon and realize no one is perfect in this universe and we should accept oneself what he is.

You may get new opportunity of partnership with foreign entity or job proposal in foreign land. There are very good chances that you may expand your foot prints in some new areas also.  This month your expenses will be at very high level; but don’t worry cash inflow will also be very good and you will save some amount of money for your bright future.

Chant Laxmi Narayan mantra daily and offer basil leaves to Lord Vishnu; you can also chant Shri Venaktesh Suprabhatam to evade from obstacles of your success. During deewali night you should do Abhishekam of Laxmi- Narayan. It will bring peace and prosperity in the family.

Capricorn Sign:

This month you will find yourself very lonely and unsafe. Huge waves of thoughts will take away from others. This is good time for you to analyze yourself. Ups and downs are part of life without it life becomes prosy. If you learn lesson from this phase of life your coming time will be flawless.

Because you are not feeling very good this month so you will feel yourself sick and weak. I would suggest you to read good inspirational literatures so you can get motivated. Parent’s health will be good and you will get support and favour from other relations.

Other members of the family will also not be very happy because of you. You spouse will be in tension and get sick. You should be tried to be happy so that others will be able to be calm and happy.

Career wise this month is fine but your government related work may be delay. If you are a businessman you should start preparation for next months and take appropriate actions. Salaried guys may be transferred or may change job.

You should try to be calm and treat everyone equal. Chanting of Vishnu Sahatranaam will be very good for you. Offer Tulsi mala (Basil garland) to Lord Vishnu will be very effective. You should offer Blue Lotus to Godess Laxmi during deewali puja.


This month you will feel very energetic and enthusiastic and your brain will be super active. You may get injury in head so take care. Parent’s health will be fine and you will get full support from your siblings.

Relationship with spouse will be a little bit up and down. Her or his fluctuated mind will provoke the fire on your clash. You should try to calm down her. You may get some setback from your children.

Your professional life will also not be very good. You will have to put maximum efforts to get a little bit success. You may have to travel a lot during this month. If you are a salaried you will have to face very unsupportive atmosphere at your workplace.

You may think to but a property but I don’t think you should go for it. Second half of this month will be much better for you. You may get some monetary gains during that period.

Offer white fowers to Goddes Laxmi and yellow to Lord Vishnu this deewali and do homam with Deshi ghee and Kamal Gatta (lotus seeds) by chanting Laxmi Narayan Mnatra 108 times.

Pisces Sign:

You shouldn’t indulge in arguments with anyone as it may create a big problem for you during this month. Over all this month is good for you. You may suffer piles and urinal issues. Parent’s health will also not be very good and may create some tension for you and your family. You may have to bring them hospital suddenly.

Marital happiness will be good and both of your will enjoy good time with each other. You should take care of your spouse and put your best efforts to feel her happy and satisfied. Someone from your family try to pollute atmosphere of your home.

His month you may get in touch with someone who will be very helpful for you in term of professional life. So you may take decision to try to get livelihood in another city and it will be very beneficial for you. Salaried person will get job opportunities from different cities.

Chant Vishnu Gayatri and Laxmi Gayatri mantra daily 108 times and offer yellow flowers to them. On the occasion of deewali you should offer Chana daal and Gur to Godess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu.

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