The Numerology Number 2 Life Path Number 2 Birth Number 2 11 20 29 Meanings


This article explores the meaning of Numerology number 2 (Life Path Number 2 | Destiny Number 2) general characteristics, Personality, Career life, business, Marriage life compatibility, and Physical appearance. Also explains about Numerology Life path number (Birth Number) 2 characters and personality and their lucky days, Lucky colors, Lucky Gemstones and compatibility.


“Stars (Nakshatras) under Lord Moon: Rohini, Hastham, Thiruvonam”

Many Numerology books frighten the people with erroneous information regarding the number 2. Trees that bend can withstand any storm. Everyone faces troubles and mishaps at some point in their life. No number or Rashi is exempt from problems and pain. But while other numbers get frustrated, the people born on the day 2, 11, 20, 29 and the sum of date will always adjust, bend and withstand any pressure and rise up in life. The number 2 is blessed with by the Eternal Mother.

“While Sun is the King of the day, the Moon is the Queen of the night.”

So the people born under the Numerology number 2 are feminine with soft hearts. They have a sturdy physique. The men possess curly hair, while the women have long, straight hair.

While they bend and adjust most of the times, sometimes they go to the other extreme and remain stubborn in their views. They love to indulge in the rich creativity and imagination and write stories, poems and paint and plot strategies. As they are very adaptable, people love them. They speak with a creative flair, winning the hearts of people. Most of them will be born to riches, with good ancestral properties. But people born under the weak numbers will be very stubborn and lose their wealth due to this. They even affect their court cases against themselves. They will never be at peace.

Numerology Birth number 2 victories or failures will be due to womanly influences in their life. They have a very suspicious nature. They never fully trust anyone and always keep questioning the people around them. Due to this, they form many enemies. They approach anything with panic and sloppiness. If they could change this habit, they can win anything. They will procrastinate a lot and finish the job in a hurried manner. They have great difficulty in keeping their promises. If the influence of the Moon is strong, they can implement their strategies really well, Ex. Mahatma Gandhi.

Though Birth Number two are very talented they hesitate to pursue their talents. They have a needless fear of everything due to over-imagination and spoil their life because of their indecisive nature. They start everything with a bang and end with a whimper; meaning they start their day with enthusiasm, but it wanes at the end of the day.

When he fell down for the tenth time,

 Mother Earth-kissed him and said,

 ‘Never ever forget – You have stood

 right back up nine times.’”

These lines by Tamil poet Kavithamani should never be forgotten by the people born under this number; it will bring them glory and happiness. Read about Numerology Number 1.


Though the following paragraphs talk about the people born under the number 2, these analyses and recommendation are correct and suited for people with life path number 2 and destiny number 2.


The Numerology Life Path number 2 comes under the auspice of Lord Moon. This number is feminine. Hence the people born under this number have great will power and creativity. If the strength of the number is weak, then these people will have a feeble determination and be plagued by endless doubts. They are the poets of the world. They think thoroughly, analyzing every detail before signing up for anything. Hence Birth numbers two (2, 11, 20, and 29) are naturally slow in completing their jobs. Their speed of action will not match their speed of thought. Hence people usually call them dreamers. They love to chatter. They can speak about anything in different ways with emotion. While some are misers some are big spenders.

If Number 2 can keep their frustration and depression at bay, they can succeed in anything. They have beautiful dreams regarding their future. They have an innovative way of thinking and imagination.

In the five elements of Nature, number 2 are depicted by Water. Hence they are either very stubborn or the coward. These people should understand their problem and try to overcome them. Great singers, musicians, painters, literary giants, actors have been born under this number.

If they can avoid finding fault with others and boasting, it will bring them a lot of good. When troubles come to them in waves, they even get suicidal thoughts.

A person born under Life Path Number 2 are love to advertise themselves. Some of them will have water-related misfortune.  They will benefit from friends and relatives in foreign places. Though they give great advice to others, they find it difficult to follow them on their own. Destiny Number 2 has strong spiritual belief. But they have trouble believing in themselves and their actions. They keep questioning whether they are doing the right thing.

Number 2 are very emotional. They have the traits of anger, obstinacy, and rage. Only if they let go of such negative emotions they can rise in stature in the eyes of society. They will be blessed with lots of children, especially with lots of girl children.

Only when these people move away from their place of birth and start their business in a new place can they flourish. They have a fast way of walking. They have the bad habit of over-eating. They also believe in hypnotism, mantras, and tantras. They have a mother’s love for their family, patriotism, and love for the language.

People born in Life Path sum number 2 (Days 2, 11, 20, and 29) love games, especially indoor games. If their number is strong, they will be like Lord Rama, otherwise, they have shades of Ravana. Remember that Ravan was not a total baddie. He was misguided by the advice of his sister. Otherwise, He was a true Shiva devotee, took good care of his people and was unconquerable.

Their self-confidence will be usually low. As their mind runs in different ways, they cannot think deeply on any subject. Fear of failure will dodge their every step. They do not like taking risks. They have difficulty delegating their job to others. Doubts and confusion plague them always. They have redundant fear, worries that will torture them. They will dream of all the possible and impossible ways they can fail and live in fear of them. Their level of bravery in their speech will generally indicate the level of their dread.

They are like the chameleon and have no special personal style. They follow the style of others, whichever that catches their fancy. Hence their personality also keeps changing. Their decisions to do not remain the same. Debating is a favorite pastime for them.



The people born under this day have lofty goals and work for it. They have great creativity. They are calm and silent. They have thoughts on improving the society. They wish to solve all the problems by talking. Poets, actors, writers are born on this day. The power of the number 2 is shown to the maximum here.


The people (born on day 11), love playing sports. They will strive forward with confidence. They have the blessings of God. Their words usually come true. They will use their knowledge for the benefit of society. This will land them in trouble sometimes. Their financial situation will be good. Their life will be calm and peaceful. If they can use their knowledge and talent only for their self, they can earn huge wealth and fame. But, as they are selfless people, they hesitate to do so.


The people born on day 20 will fight hard for the rights of the people. But, if they are greedy, they might not earn such good name and wealth. People usually look up to them as leaders for life. They have a good imagination. With their emotional speeches, they can capture the hearts of the people. They should take care that their self-confidence does not turn into arrogance.


The power of 2 is weak over this number. Hence the people born under the number 29 have a fighting spirit. They will solve their problems with ingenuity and violence, if necessary. Their family life will be strife with problems. Many times, it might go to family courts or local panchayats for resolving the differences. If they do not turn their mind towards the welfare of the people, they might become extremists.

Many dictators were born on this day. They will not hesitate to undertake illegal or shady dealings, black market deals, etc. If they are in high positions, they won’t falter to indulge in forgery, scamming, bribery, etc. But many great people who have shaped the path of many a nation have also been born on this day. So, if these persons can strive to go only on the righteous path, they can perform wonders. If their enemy barks they will bite, if the enemy bites, they will bark. They have a boastful speech and sometimes act nice to get their way. They will oppose anything for the sake of opposing. Depending on their life path number, their life will flow.


Lord Moon is the ruler of the number 2. But the moon cannot shine without the help of the sun. Similarly, the people born under the number 2 will shine with the help of a mentor, preferably from another religion and state. Otherwise, they are liable to be manipulated and used by the “so-called” mentors.

The people born under number 2 hide their fears inside themselves, even if they look fearless outside. It is best if they have a trusted elderly person or counselor who guides them through their troubles and fears.

Once the people born under the number 2 select a trustworthy mentor, they should follow their advice. Then their confusions will reduce and they can implement their plans well. If they cannot get a good mentor, then they should pray to their favorite deity for showing the way during any difficult decisions and bad times. God always guides those who ask for His help. Their true devotion and belief will guide them through all tough times and they will emerge as winners.

Regarding their married life, they are bound to have a troubled one, because of their suspicious nature. They get emotional and tend to blow up small problems and fight with their spouses and children. Hence it is always best suited to marry a person with compatible numerology to have a happy married life. They should also learn to trust their spouse and share the household running. They should not run everything themselves, as this will lead to trouble. Giving the responsibilities to the mother or the wife will surely save a lot of hassles.

Usually, they will want the opportunities to land on their lap and keep waiting. Instead of sitting around, waiting, they should make a move and work hard. Only then will their hands grasp victory.


The people born under the number 2 are usually tall. If the Moon is weak, then they are either of middling height or short in stature. They will be sturdy. They have a weak body. They normally have a round face, wide eyes and heavy eyelids. Their teeth will be crooked. They can expect a paunch in the middle age.


As they indulge in overeating they suffer from frequent indigestion. When the power of the Moon wanes, they will have kidney problems, dehydration, depression, piles.

The people (born under the number 2) favor beverages over solid food. They love their teas, coffees, hot drinks, cold drinks. They drink a lot of water, tea, coffee and cold drinks. So they must be careful not to indulge in drinking alcohol. Else they become alcoholics.

They also suffer from cold. They should include pumpkin, bottle gourd, white pumpkin, cabbage in their diet.


Though they are lucky after marriage, this is applicable only if they marry the person born under their lucky numbers 1, 3, 5 and number 6. But the number 7 (either birth number 7 or sum of birth date 7) give them the most luck. But they should never marry a person born under number 8 or number 9. The woman born under number 1 will be a dominant personality and will guide this number through life with expertise.

Those with Destiny number 2 are lucky in one way. They will be blessed with good fortune by the Eternal Mother after their marriage. They will have a wealthy wife or get a good job after their marriage. Naturally, their good fortune blesses them with a happy life.

Normally they will have late marriages, while a very few will have marriage very early in their life. Usually, women bring good fortune to them, while sometimes some women bring them their downfall. They love to indulge in romance and write pages and pages on love. But due to their suspicious nature, their marriage will be in trouble. If they learn meditation and yoga they can gain control over their mind.


These people should keep their marriages on the following days: 1, 10, 19, 28, 6, 15, 24, 7, 16 and 25. The sum of the wedding date should be 1, 6 and 7.


They can include people born under the numbers 1, 2, 4 and number 7 as their business partners. number 5 and number 6 bring moderate results. But they should avoid the people born under number 8 and number 9 due to compatibility issues.

People born under the number 1, stay as their best friends.


Water-related careers will come naturally to them. They also make good producers, actors, editors, speakers, artists, singers, theater artists, etc.

Agriculture, clothing, jewelry, photography businesses suit them well.

Tailoring, dry wash, and laundering, wood, and timber, perfume, vegetable trading businesses will fare well for them. Their mind will flow as fast as their imagination.

As they possess silver tongue, they are also suited for the jobs of lawyers, debate, etc.


The days 7, 16 and 25 (number 7 and any number with sum 7) are very lucky to the people born under the Number 2. The days 1, 10, 19 and 28 also bring good luck. The days 2, 11, 20 and 29 will bring moderate results.

The numbers 8 and 9 bring bad luck to them. So they should avoid dates with those numbers, and also the dates with the sum adding to 8 or 9. The days 8, 9, 17, 18, 26 and 27 are not auspicious for starting any new ventures.


Silver is lucky for them. They can wear silver ornaments mixed with gold. Pearl, Moonstone and Cat’s Eye stone bring good luck to them. Jade is also quite good for them.


Green, shades of green, yellow and white bring them good luck to the people born under the number 2.

They should avoid the colours black, dark blue and red.


Moon Number: 18


7   2   9

8   6   4

3  10  5


Thathichanga  thusharaabam

Shiro thaarnava sambavam

Naamam sasinam somam

Sambor maguda bhushanam


NUMBER             : 2


LUCKY DATES     :  Date 7, 16 and Date 25

LUCKY DAYS       : Monday, Sunday and Friday

LUCKY MONTHS: February, July, November

LUCKY GEMS      : Pearl, Cat’s Eye


LUCKY COLOURS: White, Yellow, Green

LUCKY DEITIES   : Shakthi, Tirupathi Venkatachalapathy, Bairavi

LUCKY FLOWERS: White lily, jasmine

LUCKY INCENSES AND LIGHTS: Benzion resin incense and oil lamps

LUCKY SYMBOLS: Fox, Deer, Cow, Ship, Water bodies, Crescent moon, Queen, Conch

LUCKY HERBS     : Shaggy Buttonweed, white milkweed






ADD-UP NUMBERS         : Number 8 and Number 9

UNLUCKY DATES: Date 8, 9, 17, 18, 26, 27

UNLUCKY COLOURS        : Black, brown.

UNLUCKY DAYS                 : Tuesday, Saturday

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