Rahu Kalam Yamagandam Gulika

Rahu kala Rahu Kalam Yamagandam Gulikan

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What is Rahu Kalam Yamagandam and Gulika?

Scientifically, Rahu Ketu doesn’t has any separate path and elliptical orbit. Even it not considered as Planet. Raku and Ketu are formed from the dust of other Planet when it is moving fast. Rahu kalam and Yemakandam time are calculated based on the time dust from other Plant change as Rahu or Ketu.

Effects of Rahu Kalam (Dragon’s Head):

In Rahu Kalam, negative thoughts will increase and desire also will increase rapidly. So doing any auspicious activity or short/long distance travel will meet a significant degree of failure lack of success or postponement.

Auspicious activities like interviews, signing contract, important meeting, new work, journey, trade, business, marriage, business dealings, sale or purchase of any assets (Property, Flat, Vehicles, Car, etc), and purchasing stocks should be avoided during this period. It is better to do other cleaning things in this time period like cleaning of unnecessary e-mails in the inbox, and household cleaning stuff and etc. Time calculate according to the Sunrise of the particular area. When calculating Rahu kalam time one should consider daylight savings time. The Rahu kalam is given in most of the panchang.

Things should be avoided in Rahu Kalam:

Avoid commencing important, money-related or travel activities, during this time.

Leave your current location or have your meeting, or start your activity earlier than or after the Rahu Kalam period.

Effects of Yamagandam (death time):

Any activity commenced during this time invites the ‘death’ of the work or energies relating to that work.

Yamagandam is: There are 90 minutes (One and half hours) devoted to this and the connection here is to Kethu, the 9th of the Nava graham with inauspicious connotations again like Rahu. Yama Kantam on Monday is between 10.30 to 12.00 Noon. On Sunday, it is between 12.00 Noon to 1.30 PM.

Things should be avoided in Yamagandam:

Avoid commencing important, money-related or travel activities, during this time.

Leave your current location or have your meeting, or start your activity earlier than or after the Yamagandam time.

Effects of Gulika kalam (blossoming time):

Any activity in this period has positive, good and growth-oriented results and gives happiness.

GuLikan is devoted to Bhagavathi, whose worship is prominent in Kerala.  There are day Gulikans and Night Gulikans. It is also a time period of 90 minutes, which vary from day to day. For Monday, the Pahal(Day) Gulikan is between 1.30 to 3.00 PM and the night Gulikan is between 7.30 PM to 9 PM.Various Theyyam uthsavams at Kerala Bhagavathy temples are elaborate affairs with colorful masks of Bhagirathi , a goddess of many moods.

Gulikan is the other name for Maanthi and Maanthi is the son of Saturn. And his presence in the janma lagna bades ill Oman for the person, In fact in almost all houses in a jathagam, it appears Gulikan does not do well.

As for Gulikai, it is not taboo for auspicious activities, but for inauspicious ones only. The karma done in this period would recur – so more auspicious things would come. If pithru karma is done by mistake, it would have to be repeated after the lapse of the Gulikai muhurtham. You could read more about Panchang.

What if one has to take an important work in the Rahukaalam or Yamakandam?

A crucial exam starts at 10.30 a.m. on Monday (Yama kandam). The elders have given us ideas to face them. For e.g., the Kolaru Pathigam (10 Tamil verses on Lord Siva to disarm the planets) composed by saint Thirugnaana Sambandar, can be recited mentally before proceeding to the exam hall. The above verses were composed when he was told that the time was inauspicious to proceed to challenge his adversaries in an intellectual-spiritual debate.

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Rahu kalam Yamagandam Gulika

Days Rahu Gulika Yemagandam Sulam
Sunday  4:30PM-6PM 3PM-4:30PM 12PM-1:30PM WEST
Monday 7:30AM-9AM  1:30PM-3PM 10:30AM-12PM EAST
Tuesday 3PM-4:30PM 12PM-1:30PM 9AM-10:30AM NORTH
Wednesday 12PM-1:30PM 10:30AM-12PM 7:30AM-9AM NORTH
Thursday 1:30PM-3PM 9AM-10:30AM 6AM-7:30AM SOUTH
Friday 10:30AM-12PM 7:30AM-9AM 3PM-4:30PM WEST
Saturday 9AM-10:30AM 6AM-7:30AM 1:30PM-3PM EAST


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