Rahu Ketu and Kalsarp and Eclipse Yoga

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If the sun is seen or war with Rahu or in the second place from the sun, then it should be known as the father’s fault. The person does not get the happiness of the father or the father remains with the father, he does not get the benefit of the ancestral property. Such a person is poor, poor, poor and dirty. He is childless because of the patridosh. He does not get the grace of the state, that is, the person does not get a government job. The position of Dasham Bhav or Dashmesh is strong and auspicious. If he gets a government job, then the officers are disturbing that person.

The birth of the Chaturdashi of the Krishna Paksha is considered to be flawless. If the Chaturdashi of the Krishnapaksha is born of the new moon or Shukla Pratipada and if the sun or the moon is seen or the moon, then this yoga is unsuccessful. If the sun is born of the eclipse, then the bad fruits of the bad fruits. Excess increases more because both sun and moon are enemies of Rahu and Rahu is the most sinful planet. It doesn’t matter if all the planets are in the circle of Rahu and Ketu or not.

Rahu Ketu only suffers moon and sun sometimes not any other planet. Have you ever heard that Mercury, Venus, Mangal Guru or Saturn has been eclipse? No no then how are you people accepting such a big lie that Rahu has swallowed all seven planets. Does Rahu’s ghost have so much power to make such a vast and lively planets his grass?*

The order of planets in the solar system is as follows. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Mercury and Venus are in the middle of the Sun and Earth. So, Mercury and Venus can come in the curve speed of Rahu Ketu due to the intercourse of the earth. But Mangal Guru and Saturn are external planets. Their classes are located outside after the Earth.

That is why Mangal Guru and Saturn in the solar system never come in the circle of Rahu-Ketu, they can not come. The meaning is that Kalsarpa Yoga is never created in the sky. The classical proof is that 1800 types Even the South Indian youths who discovered the nabhasya yoga have not seen the shape of kalsarp in the sky, so the astronomical perspective does not make kalsarpayog.

Rahu is not able to suffer from Mars even if Rahu has enmity with Mars, because Mars is out of the range of Rahu. Yes, if there were visible astronomical bodies of Ketu before Rahu or Sun in the solar system, then at present. The prevailing Kalsarpa Yoga is real. The Kalsarpa Yoga we see in the horoscope is the illusion of Kalsarpa.

Planets are not established according to their astronomical orbit in the birth horoscope. Navagrahs are established on the basis of the zodiac path, while they are in the same zodiac sign, they are very far from each other’s orbit. Rahu-Ketu is always one. There are 6 zodiac signs or 180 degrees in front of others. Because of the difference of six zodiac signs, most of the horoscope, all seven planets are on one side of Rahu or Ketu. Rahu-Ketu, all planets are in the middle zodiac signs. The terrible Kalsarp Yoga is imagined while it doesn’t really happen.

Expansion and Type of Kalsarp Yoga

I sometimes hear that in partial kalsarp some monopoly planet was moving around and they were also dragged and multiplied from 288 to 12 based on 12 expressions based on this innovative discovery. There are 3456 types of Kalsarpa Yoga. Lord Dhanwantari has explained 80 different types of snakes found on earth. The meaning is that there are many times more types of Kalsarpa than the types of snakes. Do you have this surprise? Don’t think? Kalsarpa Yoga is very bizarre in itself.

Some people emphasize on coming to Trimbakeshwar to make peace of Kalsarp, while in Trimbakeshwar, Nagbali legislation is made for the peace of the snake and the peace of the karma diseases. Maharishi Parashar is the current prevalent Kalsarpayog from the alleged planetary conditions of the snake. Not even a bit of company.

Therefore, there is no basis for the peace of Kalsarp in Trimbakeshwar.

There is no mention of Kalsarpa Yoga in the ancient texts of Vrihadparashar, Vrihadjatak and Sarawali etc.

Snake Yoga has nothing to do with Kalsarpa. According to Sarawali and Vrihadparashar, in all three centers, I have not included the first centre bhav because the first bhav is called Mulatrikon. The person born in Sarpayog is like a poisonous snake, cruel, miserable, poor, poor and dependent on others. The fate of the person born in this yoga never supports. Kalsarp wale isi On the basis of Sarpayog, Kalsarp proves the ancient and classicality of Yoga.

Maharishi Parashar and Acharya Varahamihir have blamed Shani Mars and Surya for Sarpayog, not Rahu. If we include Papagrah Rahu in the Sarpayog proposed by former Acharyas, then there is no comparison with the present Kalsarpayog. It is wrong to say that Kalsarp Yoga is the modernization or sophisticated form of ancient serpayog.

Fruit of Rahu Ketu

A very large class of ancient Acharyas has been avoiding Rahu-Ketu to include the fruitful astrology in Hora-Shastra, as there are no classes of Rahu-Ketu in the Ashtak class. Ketu’s Mahadasha does not come in Ashtottari Mahadasha.

In Bhrigu-Sutra, Maharishi Bhrigu has written the combined sense of Rahu-Ketu. His opinion is the fruit of Rahu. He is the same of Ketu. Ketu has no different sense. Maharishi Gemini did not include Ketu in self etc factors. Rahu joins factors when excerpts from other planet are more. If Rahu-Ketu are sitting alone in some feelings, then the owner of Bhavesh gives fruits according to the nature of the planet Bhavesh. Rahu-Ketu, the feeling in which they sit, they harm the fruits related to that feeling.

Rahu sitting in the third sixth and eleventh bhav, the inauspiciousness of these feelings gives auspicious fruit by removing defects and obstacles. Rahu gives auspicious fruit due to the high amount of Gemini up to 150 degrees while Ketu is up to 150 degrees. Sagittarius has high zodiac sign, it gives auspicious fruit. By being located in the Rahu-Ketu center, if you establish a vision or alliance with Panchmesh Navamesh or Lagnesh, then the interdition of Rahu-Ketu in their Mahadasha gives auspicious fruit.

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