Rahu Ketu Transit 2023

Rahu-Ketu Transit in 2023: The Rahu-Ketu transit happens every 18 months and represents a shift in cosmic forces that can effect individuals and the globe as a whole. Rahu and Ketu will transit from Aries to Libra and Libra to Aries in 2023, respectively.

Mesha Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

12th place Rahu 6th place Ketu… Past 1 1/2 year Arise individual might faced many troubles by Janma Rahu even though the presence of Guru (Jupiter) in your sign. Also Saturn in 3rd aspect there will always be a stone on the head… 7th place Ketu will cause frequent quarrels in the family.

With this transit of Rahu Ketu, there will be a lot of relief for Aries sign people.
Journey of Janma Guru in Rasi, 12th place Rahu and 6th place Ketu results in increased spiritual pursuit.

Through the Rahu Ketu transit, many changes occur. The house construction plans progress without obstacles, and business efforts yield results. There is no longer any hindrance. A special time comes during the Rahu Ketu transit.

Rahu’s transit through Revati Nakshatra results in increased spiritual travel. During the transit in this constellation, attention is given to car-related matters and financial issues.

When Rahu transits through Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra, extra attention is required in vehicle matters.

During Rahu’s transit through Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, a special period of 1.5 years or 6 months is achieved.

Ketu’s transit through Chitra Nakshatra requires caution in health and physical well-being.

When Ketu transits through Hasta Nakshatra, an intense spiritual journey takes place, and some medical expenses may be incurred.

During Ketu’s transit through Uttara Nakshatra, the father’s health and business may have some small disturbances. These two events occur simultaneously.

In conclusion, this Rahu Ketu transit results in an increase in travel during the Aries sign. For those who are affected by Rahu Ketu, only the light will change. The individual’s horoscope must be carefully analyzed, and the direction and effects must be observed.

No matter what, during the 1.5-year Rahu transit in Aries, the spiritual journey will continue. Everything will be blessed by the sages.

Rishaba Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Taurus ( Rishaba) sign, Rahu is transiting from 12th house to 11th house which represents income, and Ketu is transiting from 6th house to 5th house Punniya Sthana (a favorable position).

The presence of the Yogadhipati (the ruler of wealth) in the 10th house leads to a stable work environment without financial issues, but when Rahu transits the 11th place, income restrictions can occur.

The transit of Ketu in the 5th house (Punniya Sthana) can lead to land-related issues. Income, family, and siblings’ conditions will become critical, and disputes may arise.

When Rahu transits Revati Nakshatra, there will be a focus on money, and financial issues may arise, but there is an opportunity for clean profit.

During Rahu’s transit in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra, family conditions, sibling relationships, and legal matters should be carefully considered.

When Rahu transits Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, attention is required for job-related matters.

The transit through different Nakshatras will last approximately 6 months each. When Ketu transits Chitra Nakshatra, attention should be paid to body health and women’s issues. When Ketu transits Hasta Nakshatra, medical expenses may occur.

When Ketu transits Uttara Nakshatra, the father’s health and business may face minor disturbances. Both events occur simultaneously.

In summary, the Rahu-Ketu transit will bring about changes in the Taurus sign, with the 11th place income and 5th place Punniya Sthana being affected. A spiritual journey will continue during the Rahu-Ketu transit.”

Mithuna Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Gemini (Mithuna) sign, the income will be hindered in many ways by 11th house Guru (Jupiter) and Rahu. Currently, Rahu moved to 10th house the place of career and profession is favored, but without Rahu influence Guru (Jupiter) in the 11th place, it’s a unique arrangement. However, 10th place Rahu may create obstacles in career and jobs.

As Ketu transit to 4th House wealth (Sukha Sthana), requires attention to the body’s well-being. Elders should be respected, and relationships with friends should be maintained. Avoid disputes, as they lead to unnecessary legal issues and personal troubles.

During Rahu’s transit in Revati Nakshatra, attention should be paid to financial matters, and avoiding unnecessary expenditures is advisable.

Rahu’s transit in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra requires attention to work-related matters, and job changes can occur.

When Rahu transits Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, new opportunities will emerge for you.

The transit period in each Nakshatra is approximately 6 months. When Ketu transits Chitra Nakshatra, attention should be paid to health and disputes among women.

When Ketu transits Hasta Nakshatra, there may be some medical expenses.

During Ketu’s transit in Uttara Nakshatra, it’s necessary to pay attention to family, siblings, and legal matters. All these events occur simultaneously.

In summary, this Rahu-Ketu transit affects the Gemini sign by creating obstacles in income from various sources. A stable work environment is essential, and respect for elders and maintaining friendships are important. Avoid disputes, as they lead to legal troubles. There will be a change in financial matters during the Rahu-Ketu transit.

Kataka Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

Rahu from 10th house is transitioning to 9th place and Ketu from 4th place to 3rd place. This is an auspicious arrangement for Cancer (Kataka) sign. For a long time, those born under Cancer sign have been facing work-related problems. However, with the movement of planets, Cancer zodiac will be progressing in their jobs, making new efforts.

Jupiter (Guru) in 10th house without Rahu influence is a special occurrence. Rahu’s transition to the 9th place represents a special situation. For some, the period will bring an intermediary or broker-like role. Attention should be given to the physical condition of parents and a possible intermediate situation in the family.

Ketu’s entry into the 3rd place may bring some obstacles and give again the same situation at the same stage. Pay attention to physical well-being.

The transition of the 8th Saturn, even without a problem, will bring some benefits to the Cancer sign due to the presence of Rahu and Ketu. A slight financial advantage is possible. During the 8th Saturn, the transition of Rahu and Ketu can lead to similar situations again.

The Surya Vazhipadu (Sun worship) is essential, and small charitable acts will bring additional benefits

Simma Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Leo (Simha) sign, Rahu is moving from the 9th place to the 8th place, and Ketu is moving from the 3rd place to the 2nd place.

9th house Rahu has been causing various problems and bring challenges in various aspects. Jupiter association with Rahu in 9th place is favorable. However, some difficulties may still persist, but overall progress is expected.

Rahu’s presence in the 8th place represents some minor challenges. Pay attention to physical well-being. A significant amount of medical expenses was already incurred due to Saturn in the same place. Rahu in the 8th place could bring about some malicious activities, and precautions should be taken.

Worship of Lord Muruga is auspicious.

Ketu transits from 3rd house to 2nd house which indicates wealth and family. With Ketu in the 2nd place, family issues and individual situations will require attention. Ketu’s presence can disrupt family life. Keeping a low profile is important.

Ketu’s position can have an impact on income and family situations. Maintaining financial stability and taking a cautious approach is necessary. Jupiter aspects on your sign will reduce the negative impact.

This Rahu and Ketu transit to Leo (Simha) sign emphasizes the importance of paying attention to family conditions and maintaining financial stability.

Kanni Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Virgo (Kanni) sign, Ketu transits from 2nd place to Virgo sign, and Rahu moves from 8th house to 7th house.

Second house Ketu might affected the family situation of some people and some may still face the financial challenges. 8th place Rahu may incurred the some medical expences.

After transit, Ketu in birth sign affects various aspects of life, with some changes as it transits through the signs.

Burdens will come. There will be some disruption in work and family situation. Hastam, Uthiram Nakshatras will only see a minor effect during Ketu’s transit.

Rahu’s presence in the 7th place emphasizes family circumstances. Some individuals may face challenges in family situations due to Rahu’s impact.

Worshipping Lord Vinayaka daily can help reduce the negative effects of Janma Ketu.

When Rahu leaves the 8th place, the influence remains on the 8th Rasi (Zodiac sign).

Even though Rahu leaves the 8th place, Need attention on physical well-being due to the 8th place Jupiter. Jupiter aspects on 2nd house will give some relief from family related issues.

Thulam Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Libra (Thulam) zodiac sign, the Janma Ketu is nearing its end. During this time, there might be significant challenges related to one’s physical and financial well-being. Health issues, humiliation, and work-related difficulties may be prevalent, and family and financial conditions can be troublesome due to Janma Ketu’s impact.

Henceforth this transit is a period of relaxation for Libra. The upcoming transition is a significant one for Libra, and it might bring about sweeping changes in various life situations.

Obstacles in marriage will be removed, even the debt will come to an end, even a person who has been sick for a long time will see transformations. However, this period can also bring about transformations, including the resolution of long-standing problems and improved family happiness.

The transit of Rahu Ketu in the 6th and 12th places can be beneficial, and it may result in blessings and guidance from spiritual mentors.

Ketu’s presence in the 12th place may lead to small but frequent medical expenses, and it’s crucial to pay attention to the well-being of the physical and financial aspects.

With Rahu in the 6th place, new efforts are initiated in the field of work, leading to career changes and growth. Employment and professional development are highlighted during this period.

The well-being of one’s physical and financial conditions should be carefully monitored. The guidance of spiritual mentors is of particular importance during this time.

This transit may bring a period of growth and transformation for Libra individuals. It’s important to pay attention to health, financial stability, and professional development, as they may undergo significant changes and improvements.

Vrishchik Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Scorpio (Vrishchik) zodiac sign, Ketu transits from 12nd place to 11th place and Rahu moves from 6th house to 5th house poorva punniya sthanam.

11th house Ketu could lead to minor setbacks in income and family financial situation. However, it’s not a significant hindrance, and the financial impact is manageable.

The presence of Rahu in the 5th house could bring about some minor hindrances and conflicts in family life and with brother , and it’s essential to be cautious in personal and professional relationships. Otherwise, this Rahu-Ketu transit is not that much of an impact on Scorpio sign.

However, the presence of Ardhashtama Saturn in the current situation will continue to create a lot of obstacles. There will be a minor injury due to Saturn aspect on your zodiac sign.

The transit of Rahu and Ketu can be influenced by various other astrological factors, such as the positioning of other planets and specific aspects of one’s natal chart. Overall, the impact of this transit for Scorpio individuals is manageable, and it should not be a significant source of concern.

This transit can lead to a few minor inconveniences and challenges, but with proper planning and attention, Scorpio individuals can navigate this period successfully. The guidance of the family deity is especially valuable during this time.

Dhanusu Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Sagittarius (Dhanusu) zodiac sign, Ketu transits from 11nd place to 10th place and Rahu moves from 5th house to 4th house.

Ketu in the 10th house and Rahu in the 4th house have specific effects on Sagittarius individuals. This placement of Ketu in the 10th house can bring about positive changes in one’s career and financial growth. It can also reduce obstacles in work and provide opportunities for improvement. However, it’s advisable to control unnecessary expenses.

With Rahu in the 4th house, you may experience a period of improvement in family life, where dreams and aspirations begin to come true. There will be a boost in happiness within the family, and certain barriers will be lifted.

This placement of Rahu can indicate the fulfillment of long-held dreams and ambitions. It can also signal an easing of restrictions and challenges in the family. It is essential to show respect for elders and maintain a balance between fulfilling one’s ambitions and respecting family values.

It is a favorable time for agricultural activities and farming.

Some changes may occur during this period based on individual Dasa Bhukthi, and adapting to these changes is important.

Helping the elderly and worshiping Lord Murugan can help reduce the negative effects this transit.

Makara Rasi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

Capricorn (Makaram) zodiac sign, Ketu transits from 10th house to 9th house and Rahu moves from 4th house to 3rd house.

Rahu in the 3rd house and Ketu in the 9th house bring unique opportunities for Capricorn individuals. It signifies new endeavors, prospects, and changes in the workplace, which may result in advancements and shifts in the professional sphere. It’s an ideal time to focus on enhancing career prospects and personal growth.

Also Ketu coming in 9th place is also a good arrangement. A little attention is paid to the health situation of the elderly. There will be no shortage of happiness in the family situation.

Further, Capricorn individuals may find success in family and social life, and there is a high probability of happiness and joy in family relationships.

There will be some change depending on individual horoscope and current Dasa Bhukthi.
It will be better after November 4th even if Pada Shani is affected.

Worshiping Lord Shiva is auspicious.

Kumbh Rashi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Aquarius zodiac sign, Ketu transits from 9th house to 8th house and Rahu moves from 3rd house to 2nd house. This astrological placement can have an impact on family matters and financial stability.

Presently Janmam Saturn causing various issues and difficulties and will give many troubles. However, there is hope for improvement when Saturn come out of retrograde position On November 4. This change may lead to some relief from the challenges posed by Saturn.

Position of Rahu in the 2nd house could bring a shift in one’s approach to work. This will give improvment in the career.

Unfavorable 8th house Ketu will bring unexpected medical expenses. Pay attention to health condition

Ganesha worship can help reduce the negative effects of Ketu.

Meena Rashi Rahu Ketu transit 2023

For Pisces zodiac sign, Ketu transits from 8th house to 7th house and Rahu moves from 2nd house to Meena Rashi (1st house).

Meena Rashi individual might faced hindrance in income and business in may ways due to 12th house Saturn and 2nd house Rahu.

At present, Rahu leaves the 2nd house and travel next 1 1/2 year as Janma Rahu.

During this Janma Rahu period, pay attention to money transaction, financial management, patience at work place and peace of mind.

Even though 2nd house Guru(Jupiter) will reduce the Janma Rahu and 12th house Saturn negative effects and will remove the obstacles in income .

Ketu in 7th house indicate the some unfavorable situation in family, husband and wife relationship. It is advisable to avoid futile arguments in the family.

Janma Rahu will give medical expenses depending on the current Dasa and Bhukthi. Need attention on health.

Although rahu ketu transit is not favorable for Pisces, there will be some happiness in the presence of Jupiter in 2nd place. Income Business environment will be good.

The worship of Lord Muruga will be auspicious.

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