Saturn direct motion 2023 effects

Saturn retrograde motion is ending in 4th Nov 2023 and Starting the direct motion. Saturn affects laborers, workers, social servants, and the general public.

  1. Setbacks for Laborers, Workers, Social Servants, and the General Public: During Saturn’s retrograde, individuals in these categories may encounter obstacles and challenges in their daily work and life. These could manifest as delays, reduced productivity, or difficulties in their job or social service responsibilities. It’s a time when patience and perseverance may be required to overcome these setbacks.
  2. Reduction in Employment Opportunities in Factories and IT Companies: Saturn’s retrograde may lead to a decrease in job openings in manufacturing and information technology (IT) sectors. Job seekers might find it more challenging to secure positions during this period. It’s advisable to enhance one’s skills and be persistent in the job search.
  3. Water Scarcity: Water scarcity can become a significant issue during this time. It may result in restricted access to clean and sufficient water for both personal and industrial use. Conservation measures and responsible water usage become crucial to address this problem.
  4. Price Increase in Food, Fuel, Rice, and Essential Commodities: Saturn’s retrograde can lead to rising prices for essential goods like food, fuel, rice, and other basic necessities. Consumers may experience increased expenses, and it can impact their budget. Planning and budgeting wisely become important to manage these cost increases.
  5. Challenging Times for Opposition Political Leaders, Health Issues, and Accidents: Opposition political leaders might face difficulties during this period. It could manifest as political challenges, obstacles, or a lack of progress in their efforts. Additionally, there may be an increased risk of health issues and accidents during this time. People should take extra precautions to safeguard their well-being and exercise caution in their daily activities.

Saturn will go into direct motion starting today. As a result, for those individuals with Saturn retrograde in their birth charts, the difficulties they faced in their career, employment, and family life will be relieved. When Saturn is well-placed in the birth chart, this retrograde motion will provide employment for many who were previously jobless, profits for those struggling in their own businesses, and marriage for those who were unable to get married. Saturn will facilitate weddings for such individuals.

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