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Detailed Monthly astrology predictions for September by astrologer Shakti Shiromani Shukla

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Horoscope for the month of September’18

Every month brings new opportunities and joy as well as some tough time. Each month teach us a lesson. Let us see what month of August brought for us.

Aries Sign:

Health issues may create some problem for you, don’t ignore it. Parent’s health will also be cause of concern. You should avoid your children to indulge in company of bad friends. You may experience some issues with siblings.   Chandra Mangla Yoga and Effects

Marital harmony will be good, both of you will enjoy good time and will spend memorable moments with each other. Both of you may go out station to enjoy.

There are good chances to purchase a new property during this month. Old matter of property may also get solved during this month.

You may get some good news in your workplace and enjoy working there. You may get unwanted transfer in job.

Taurus Sign:

You will have to put maximum efforts to conclude all your tasks, it’s quite possible that they will not fructify in first shot. This is the time to sharpen your communication skills because you will need it in near future.  Jupiter Transit Effects 2018 on Scorpio

Frequency of your mind and heart won’t match. Siblings will not there for your support. Parent’s health will also not be very good. You should have to take extra care of them if they are suffering from asthma or any respiratory problems.

You may see some putsches moments in your professional life. Atmosphere of your workplace won’t be very supportive. You shouldn’t let the situations go beyond your control. Businessman will also suffer with mental stress.

Relationship with spouse is not going to be very much pleasing this month. I advice you not to do anything which will further make them worst. You should also stop your suspicious activities and try to make them normal.

Gemini Sign:

You should stop excessive drinking this month, otherwise get ready to visit hospitals. I am seeing huge expenses this month then income. I would also advice you not to opt any shortcut to earn money.

Your parents will enjoy good health and spend good time with family. Siblings will be always there to boost up your moral. You should learn from previous month mistakes and shouldn’t try to repeat them.  Effects Of Retrograde Mars For Each Ascendant – 2018 Transit

You may get indulge in love with someone during this month; but married couple will be in dilemma. Both of you should put some efforts to make your married life happy and joyful.

Professionally this month will be much better than previous one. You will feel some positive changes in your work place; but for gains you should wait for next month. Businessman will see some hike of sales and revenue.

Cancer Sign:

You should take care of your health and will feel some anxiety and unknown fear. I will suggest you not to be in so hurry. Think about the result of your present action.

Family life will be fine during this month; but you may stay away from home due to professional commitments. You may also move on to new accommodation if you are in rental house right now.  Sasa Yoga – Raja Yoga by Saturn

You may face some disharmony in your marital life; your spouse response will be mixed. She or he will be sag between spiritualism and materialism this month. You may transform your relations with him or her by love and humours. Love birds will also face tough time. Your forever friend will help you to manage all those things.

You will see big changes in your business; but you should think twice before taking any financial decision especially related to new investment. If you are a employed person you will get unconditional favour and support of your boss and your may also get promoted.  This month will be very good in term of wealth. You will have to spend more money in first half of the month.

Leo Sign:

Health wise this month is very good. You will feel refreshed and fit physically and mentally. You will not feel tiredness due to good health. Best Career option Leo Ascendant

This time may be a little bit hard in term of family matters. You should take care of your mother’s health. You may travel foreign land for higher study.

Marital happiness will be at top level during this month. Both of you will enjoy memorable time with each other. Both of you will help each other to fulfil their responsibilities. Love birds will go for date and will enjoy good time. You may also get back you ex again.

You may have long distance travel most probably foreign travel during this month. You may get benefitted financially. This month is going to be very fabulous in term of wealth. You will get new avenues of income successfully earn lots of money from there.

Virgo Sign:

You shouldn’t be careless towards your health; some ups and downs may happen during this month. You may suffer from gastric, liver or skin problems. You should also follow diet chart strictly.

You will spend good time with your family. Very joyful atmosphere will be in your family. Some party or auspicious ceremony may be celebrated during this month. You may go for outing with family for refreshment.  Yearly Horoscope 2018 Virgo Sign

Students will prove themselves in this month and may get selected in competitive exams.

Married life will be good, both of you will enjoy some joyful moments. Love birds will also create memorable moments for future memories.

Financially this month is going to be very fabulous. You will be able to get huge gains in minimum efforts. You may get multiple source of earning during this month. Employed person may get transferred in a new location. That will be very beneficial for you; you will prove yourself and shoulder new responsibilities. Businessman will also make good profit in their business.

Libra Sign:

Your health may remain down this month; but you can manage it by proper medication. You may suffer from ear disease.  Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 to 2019

Family life will run on smooth pace. You only have to maintain your concert with circumstances. You may buy a new vehicle, if you are thinking for it. This month you will concentrate only on giving good facilities to your family members. So that they can enjoy comfortable life. Any old property mater may get shorted out during this month.

Marital happiness will be at peak. Your understanding will increase day by day. Both of you will enjoy these moments. I would suggest you to take care health of your spouse.

You may get sudden promotion or new offer of higher position in another organization. You manage things wisely and it’s your USP. You will also get financial gains during this month. Businessman may also make good profit from business if they take decisions wisely.

Scorpio Sign:

Health wise this month is very good. You will feel healthy and fresh. Your confidence level will be at top level during this month.

Your reputation will increase in society. There are very good chances to meet some reputed personalities which will help you in future. Gemstone Remedies Astrology

Married life will be very good in this period. Spouse will give you unconditional support and favour. You will feel yourself in the chariot of success and happiness. Someone may propose you if you are single. Luck is with you.

This month is suitable to move on a new company. If you are in the business of real estate, you will see very favourable time. Financially this time is very good. You may get new source to earn money.

Sagittarius Sign:

You will be very spiritual this month and will enjoy fabulous health. Very joyful and memorable moments you will spend this month.

This is very memorable month in term of family happiness. There may be some auspicious ceremony during this month in the family. Vastu Remedies for House

Married life will be very good. You may spend some time with your spouse in any romantic place. You should take care about health of your spouse. This is only subject of concern.

You will find yourself at new level of success. You will be at chariot of success either job or business. Government and superiors will give you full support. You may get big contract or promotion in your work place. There’s atmosphere will be very good; but you should open your eyes and ears round the clock.

You may also get gain from foreign relations.

Capricorn Sign:

This month is very average for health. You may get suffered from problem of eyes, mouth and legs. So take care of your health.

Family will be good, everyone will enjoy in the family and share happiness and joy to others. Children of the family will make you proud in their study.

Marital happiness will be at top level. Your spouse may get some good news related to her or his profession. Your spouse will support you on every corner of the life. This month is also very good for love birds. Both will enjoy very good time with each others. Singles may also enjoy rains of love and affection. 27 Nakshatras – General Characteristics and Predictions

This month will be good for businessman they will earn handsome amount of money. Salaried person will also get chances to progress. You should indulge in new deals after proper analysis. You will experience both tastes of the dish sweets and sours. You should not to be in so hurry while making investment decisions. You should also seek others opinion.

Aquarius Sign:

You may suffer from problems related to stomach, constipation and headache. You may feel tiredness and pain in the body. You should take proper medication as prescribed by doctor.

Family wise time is very favourable. Your most of the expenses will be on livelihood of family members. Atmosphere of the family will be very light and humorous. A male member of the family may spoil all happiness and joy. Your mother may suffer some health issues.

Marital life will be alright; both of you will enjoy good time with each other. Your spouse will remain very active throughout the month and will expect same from you. Love birds may get married and if you are single there are huge chances to get some as very close to your heart.    Subha Muhurat Property Purchase Dates 2018

You will get maximum gains your business and salaries person may get promotion in the job and will shoulder new responsibilities. Your financial condition will become stronger during this month. If you are in any business related to water or doing business through sea route; it will be very beneficial for you.

Pisces Sign:

You may have health problems related to bones and eyes as well as prostate. You should wake up early morning and go for morning walk.

Your family members will have very much expectations from you; they may get disappointed when your will not be able to fulfil them. You should start them giving training to be self dependent. Children of the family will give you some happy moments because to their success in study. Numerology Number 5

You may face some issues in your marital life. Your spouse will become short tempered. He or she won’t like to be flexible and it will be root cause of issue between you. Both of your should handle situation wisely and carefully.

You will be spending most of the time in travelling due to professional commitments. You can expect handsome profit in business based on your efforts which your are putting. Some hurdles may occur in the path of success, but you will be overcome all situations. This time is very good in term of finance; you may also get some other sources of earning.

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