Simple Remedies for Immediate Result

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Most of the times persons are referring me their horoscope and after getting my prediction if some thing is negative they ask me for any remedy. To day is Basanta Panchami, before going to say any thing I pray Mata Sarswati:

“या कुन्देन्दु तुषार हार धवला …
जीवन में जो कुछ भी पाया हूँ , माता सरस्वती की कृपा से ही ||”

  1. Take blessing everyday from your mother/father. Always feel, they are your life.
  2. Have clear communication with your parents, about your pains and happiness. You should care them and learn from their life.
  3. Make charity whatever possible at your hands to those who deserve it. Suppose a student is reading in college. Due to poor financial condition he is unable to pursue studies, thus by purchasing the study materials, help him/her to come out from the snags.
  4. Concentrate on your karma and perform your karma what God has ordered you. Lord Saturn read with Rahu and Ketu is the indicator what you are required to do in this life. All other planets are changing. But Shanidev is static. He is the neutral sage. He never gives abundance nor takes off any thing from you. He says you will get the result based on your karma. The sign and the degree of Shanidev redirects you that such and such things you do in this life. Suppose Shanidev is in 10 house, in Leo sign, it indicates you refrain from merry making, be aloof from fun and love making, be attaintive to work. Treat the work as worship. Never disregards it as inferior job. From humble servitude you can rise to a glorious position. So, if your karma is not good, bad planets like Rahu and Ketu will help you along with other planets like Venus, Mars Mercury for some time and these planets will leave you alone to suffer at the end. So more trouble and more pains. Shanidev is our eye opener.

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