Vastu Rectification by using Pyramids

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Vastu Remedies using Pyramids

Pyramids are geometric shapes which are formed by four equilateral triangles of same size on a square base in such a manner that they from an apex on that square base.  They are very useful tools to rectify Vastu dosha of house or office. They provides very effective energy environment and very useful in meditation. Pyramid help us to reduce stress level and tension of our body and pure our aura.

Pyramids are being used in various sectors which are very much effective in our life; some of them are Vastu, Astrology, Meditation and healing. Research and experiments have shows that we can change our metal, physical and emotions state by using pyramids. Our temples architecture is based on pyramidal shapes. The design incorporates domes and the main idol of the deity is placed under that pyramid shape dome to generate maximum energy to distribute it among devotees.

Use of Pyramids in Vastu:

We can use pyramids in every zone of house or business premises as per Vastu Dosha. I am giving you some brief description how to use pyramids in different directions.

  • We can keep pyramids in each room, they will destroy all negative energy and reduce electromagnetic waves which is created by electronics appliances and convert them into positive energy.
  • If we keep pyramids in the studying table, one who will study on that table will be able to pay more attention and focus on their studies and chances of getting good marks will be increased.
  • Pyramid placed on office table helps to have clear, strong and effective mind frame and people of the office will found themselves more comfortable with each other and it will help to increase productivity of the company.
  • Pyramids can also be used in the painful areas of the body to get a faster relief. Acupressure products are basically inspired from pyramids itself.
  • If you have any problem to take deep sleep you should keep pyramids in the bedroom so that you can get up fresh and feel full of energy in the morning.
  • If you have kitchen in inauspicious area of the house then you should keep a pyramid there.
  • House wives have a lot of work in entire day who get tired of working in the house I would like to suggest them to keep pyramid that particular area of the house where they spend most of the time.
  • If you are feeling that you are suffering from black magic on you or your house, you should bury four pyramids in the four corners of the house. You will get immediate relief.
  • Keeping a pyramid in North West direction save you from Najar Dosha.
  • Women who have some complications in progeny should place a pyramid in the north east corner of their bedroom.
  • Burring a pyramid in the northwest corner of a property on Tuesday; help you to sell your property easily.
  • If there are conflicts of thoughts among all family members of the family, no source of income, debts you should keep a pyramid in the Northeast corner of the house. All the members of the family will feel a sense of well being and be calm.

Note: These are general and well practiced remedies of pyramids; however it is not guaranteed to give you same results as we observe with our clients. You should make sure to check your home by qualified Vastu consultant and keep pyramids in your home as per his suggestion. It will help you to get maximum results in less time.

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