SATURN is the planet of bones and skeleton. He is also the planet of Lubrication in the joints. All ageing process in our body starts after the Signature of Saturn. He is the planet of limitation and contraction so he limits our movement from the age of 49 or 56 or 63 and walking problems are created by Saturn. Free movement is restricted by Saturn.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius so Knee and legs are directly under the control of Saturn. When in the birth chart if SATURN is seated in Lagna or in 8th house or 12th house, or if Capricorn/Aquarius is rising, Saturn affects walking at the above cited ages. May be sciatica nerve pain, may be slip disc problems or may be knee pain problems but walking is disturbed and if knee is more damaged knee replacement operations take place in the life of such natives.

One more thing I will add here. In all lower spine problems Scorpio is always occupied by one or two malefic planets. Scorpio is connected with lower spine vertebrae. Legs problems are connected with lower spine vertebrae also if not Knees.

It is also seen that when Capricorn is in 6 8 or 12th house knee is sure affected at certain age so Gemini, Leo and Aquarius Lagna or SATURN in Gemini Leo or Scorpio Sign also have knee problems or walking problems at certain age.

I have collected total 25 datas of the patients who have either knee problems, or problems in walking due to bulging of discs, claudication in the legs, numbness, stiffness, elephantiasis or parkinson’s disease. The classification is as under :

Knee replacements ##

4 cases Libra lagna with Saturn. 1 malefic planet in Scorpio or 8th house.
2 Cases Sagittarius lagna with Saturn. 1 malefic planet in Scorpio or 8th house
3 cases Leo lagna with Saturn. 1 malefic planet in 8th house.
2 cases Libra Lagna with Saturn in Leo in 12th. 1 malefic planet in 8th.

( These were the patients of knee problems and knee replaced )

Knee problems ##

2 cases Libra lagna with Saturn. 1 malefic planet in 8th house.
1 case Sagittarius lagna with Saturn. Ketu in Scorpio.
2 cases Gemini lagna with Saturn. Rahu or Ketu in Scorpio either in Main chart aur Navamsha chart.
1 case Virgo lagna with Saturn in Leo in 12th. Mars in Scorpio.

( These are the patients of knee problems but operation not decided )

Walking problems ##

( Due to nerve damage, due to slip disc, due to claudication, due to elephantiasis, due to parkinson’s disease etc)

6 cases Leo lagna with Saturn in Cancer in 12th
2 cases Libra lagna with Saturn in Leo in 11th. One malefic planet in Scorpio.
1 case Aquarius lagna with Saturn. Rahu in Scorpio.
2 cases Capricorn lagna with Saturn in Leo.

I could collect the limited datas from my friends and my clients and after analysis of all these charts it was clearly found that Saturn play the big role to create limitations in our day to day life and creates one kind of limitations and restrictions in our movements.

If SATURN happens in the Lagna or 12th house, walking problems do arise, since Saturn himself is lord of legs ( Capricorn and Aquarius )

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